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Wednesday, January 20, 2010
On what I will do before I start at the next job

I have actually been a big fan of Heath Ledger's since "10 Things I Hate About You", but I think this was still a funny conversation.

Don AQ®: gold ÷ 100 = 忍: but i'll likely start in feb
which leaves me with one week break
something i haven't had since i graduated!

JaDe: that's so nice...
Don AQ®: gold ÷ 100 = 忍: yeah it is
i can finish up some stuff i've been putting off
like my album and novel
oh, almost forgot my epic feature film

JaDe: who are you working with?
are you doing avatar II or something

Don AQ®: gold ÷ 100 = 忍: nah, something grittier
heath ledger begins
a reboot of the heath ledger story
starring christian bale as heath ledger
it's gonna be awesome

JaDe: what
Don AQ®: gold ÷ 100 = 忍: there's this part where christian bale plays heath ledger playing the joker in dark knight
JaDe: christian bale does not make heath ledger
Don AQ®: gold ÷ 100 = 忍: "who plays christian bale playing batman?" u ask?
adam west, of course

JaDe: ahahahahha that's gonna be awesome
Don AQ®: gold ÷ 100 = 忍: yeah
we're gonna have the "POW" and "BAM" stuff
only the latest in special effects for my baby

JaDe: are you aiming for oscards
aarahrgahrgahggghh OSCARS

Don AQ®: gold ÷ 100 = 忍: lol
JaDe: stupid fingers
Don AQ®: gold ÷ 100 = 忍: i'm pretty sure it'll sweep the awards
JaDe: sure
just invite me to the premier

Don AQ®: gold ÷ 100 = 忍: needless to say the film will be based on my novel and the soundtrack will be from my album
i'm just worried the universe might collapse because it wasn't built to contain that level of awesome

JaDe: hahah
well arent you afraid
if the universe collapses
where will you be?

Don AQ®: gold ÷ 100 = 忍: it's a concern
i'm hoping to get chuck norris to maintain the structural integrity of the universe with his beard


While reading the post, I had a moment of stone-ness, and the words started to have a 3-d effect. The red words receded while the blue words came to the fore.

Would your movie be 3-d?
@duff: totally.
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