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Wednesday, June 21, 2006
This should not be happening.

The original post is from here.

I'm sitting on the couch right now crying my eyes out, not able to see what I am typing because of Angelina Jolie. I ended up watching the Anderson Cooper interview of Ms. Jolie. I wanted celebrity gossip, instead I found this...

There was a segment about many of the women of the Congo who have been brutally raped by various men in military uniform. Eastern Congo houses a clinic specifically for victims of violent sexual abuse. Militia men & Hutu Rebels are kidnapping and torturing grandmothers, mothers, daughters & children. These women have been held as slaves then gang-raped, sometimes for weeks. Women have had guns shoved & shot into their vaginas. Many other women have had knives, broken glass and various other objects forced in them. A 60 y.o. woman recently came to the clinic after being raped with bamboo. She died a day later from her injuries. One woman told the tale of being gang-raped while her husband & children were forced to watch. The soldiers then hacked her husband to death, then raped her two oldest daughters while she was held down & forced to watch. I think that they were 8 and 10 years old.

The clinic's doctor specializes in surgery to repair the awful internal damage that these women are suffering from. Many can no longer walk. Many will always have to carry a colostomy bag, this, of course, is if they survive this brutality. The doctor performs about 10 surgeries daily attempting to literally piece the women back together. About 12 new victims show up at the clinic daily. Approximately 4000 women were treated in 2005. Many of the patient's have been to the clinic repeatedly.

These women suffer in ways that we can't even imagine both physically & mentally. To make every thing worse, their families often lose all respect for them & shun them since they are now tainted as a result of the rapes. The perpetrators are also spreading HIV to these women. More often than not, the woman will be chased away from her home if they are even allowed back there in the 1st place.

I can not understand violence like this. Why isn't any one doing anything about this? I do not give a shit what your politics are. Innocent women & children who have nothing to do with the political climate in the region are being tortured in the most savage manner possible. The clinic is not getting much funding. They need supplies. The women need help. They need care & they need a place to live & feel safe. They're owed that.

I bitch a lot about stupid things. We all do. Guess what? Our lives are not that bad. I bet that none of us could even imagine the option of living the lives of these women. WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS. Please, please click on the link below & donate $20. We can all donate $20. It's something so small from us that could help these women immensely. Click on the banner below.

Please read these articles. They describe the horror of this situation more in depth than I can.


I am going to have nightmares about this. I don't know it is possible to sleep knowing that this is going on & you're not doing anything to help.

Feel free to copy this entry & blog it yourself. The word should really be out there.

I think we should help the victims. I think we should also kill the shit out of the animals who perpetrate such atrocities.
why in the world does stuff like this happen? Even animals don't do such depraved shit to each other.

Human beings are the worst when they let their animal sides take over.
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