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Thursday, July 27, 2006
I am amazingly sarcastic. Funny, though.

Yo, check this out, y'all. Read the comments section especially. Yes, the bar of stupidity has just been lowered for Xiaxue fans. Let me just clearly state that I do not dislike Xiaxue at all, though I do think she's not really intellectual. But then, hey, I'm no intellectual either, so that's no insult to me.

Anyway, I posted this comment in response, as "yet-another-rabid-xiaxue-fan". I think it's incredibly hilarious, so I'm posting it here to capture it for posterity in case it doesn't make it past moderation.

hi! i surfed over here from xiaxue’s site because SHE LINKED YOU. since she hardly links anyone and she linked u, i assumed tt u must be her FRIEND! however after reading all the comments left by all my fellow clever xiaxue worshippers, who must be as clever as me, i’ve realised that ur actually ANTI-XIAXUE! U CAN’T FOOL US OK! tt’s y even though xiaxue links u, as a fren of xiaxue’s (cos i read and masturbate to her blog, even tho she never link my blog, WAAAAAA) i must TOTALLY SCREW UP ur comments section with misspelt insults zero capitalisation and abysmal grammer! maybe after this, xiaxue will be so impressed that she will link my blog instead of urs, u xiaxue hater, u! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

eat my shit ok! u will burn in pink hell for dissing our goddess! woohoo! u are shit! even though this is ur blog and ur juz jioing ppl to go drink beer and nv even mentioned blinky monkey, we cannot ALLOW u to GIB HER FACE! cos we’re VERY MATURE 12 year olds! *smirk*

yes, even though XIAXUE LINKED U, we tink she wun mind us dissing u, cos we’re her frens and cos sandra is her fren, sandra is also our fren! but that in no way means that cos ur xiaxue’s fren, ur also our fren! BWAHAHAHAHA!

u eat shit lah! wu ji ask her ahbeng frens come whack me lah!

I also left a comment on Xiaxue's blog informing her of these people who have been taking Her holy name in vain, in case she doesn't already know of it. That, too, is awaiting moderation. I also left included in the comment where to find the .jar file she's looking for. In case any of you also wish to edit Firefox themes, it's here:

C;\Document and Settings\Adrian\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\[your profile folder, usually some meaningless string ending with .default]\extensions\[folder of the extension you wish to edit. may be another meaningless string]\chrome\pimpzilla-[version number].jar

That is, assuming your Windows Xp is installed on C drive (which it usually is), your user account is Adrian (which, of course, it usually isn't) and the theme you wish to edit is pimpzilla (which would be pretty cool). Oh, and if you're editing jar files, you'd better save a backup of the original in case you fuck it up. You might thus want to edit the chrome.manifest file in the immediate parent directory.

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility if you fuck up your Firefox by following my instructions, because although I am a programmer, you may not be one. That aside, though, happy hacking!
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