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Wednesday, June 06, 2007
Re: Singapore's Cyber-Threat

Check this out.

No wonder my ears are burning.

Dear ASP Khoo Kay Chong Friday, Jun 1 2007
Uncategorized Michaelk 9:35 pm

Thank you for taking time to come to the School of Infocomm Technology, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, to give us freshmen a talk about cyber-crime. I am glad that local law enforcement keep themselves up-to-date with cyber-threats.

No thank you, for using the word hacker inaccurately. I believe that you were referring to people who illegally compromise the security of computer systems for illicit and unethical purposes when you used that word. The proper term for this is “cracker“.

A big thank you for correctly stating that Singabloodypore and Hung at Dawn have “agendas”, should be “read with a pinch of salt” and intend to “influence” readers. You are absolutely right.

However, I think that you also should have mentioned that the P65 blog, the Young PAP blog as well as the Petir Magazine (avaliable for online viewing) have agendas, should be read with a pinch of salt, and intend to influence readers. Instead of just showing us Singabloodypore and Hung at Dawn as examples of political opinion or ideological web sites, the PAP-run sites I listed above should receive the same attention. Don’t they contain political opinion and ideology too? If so, why are only anti-government blogs highlighted, but not pro-government blogs?

Thank you.


Note: ASP Khoo Kay Chong is the head of the Technology Crime Research Branch of the Singapore Police Force. More information about him can be found in this Computer Times article or this Singapore Government Directory page.

In future I promise to abide by the words of Dr Lee Boon Yang - I promise to be 'objective, to be accurate and responsible for my views, to report accurately, objectively and responsibly, to become part of the nation-building effort, rather than go out and purvey views that mislead people, confuse people, which will in fact undermine the national strategy!'

Just like the mainstream media.

The question that immediately leaps to mind is this: Why do all these people even bother? It is all so infantile. I am supremely disinterested in matters of law or politics. In the long run, these issues are as ephemeral as fashion trends except when they interfere with the discovery and dissemination of scientific knowledge. In a hundred years, we may consider a democratic system of government as obsolete as we now find incestuous monarchies such as the ancient Egyptians had. However, e=mc² will define the relationship between energy and mass for so long as the laws of physics remain unchanged (i.e. probably at least until the end of this universe). Politicize that, bitches. What truly matters to the future of humanity is the growth of human knowledge. Meh free speech. Meh political agendas. Guess what, if we do not find a viable alternative source of energy before we run out of fossil fuels, you will all be blogging about your political views on an abacus, regardless of your political affiliations.

Having said that, I must confess that I would tend to take any lecture on cyber-crime with a large pinch of salt if the speaker does not differentiate between a hacker and a cracker.
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