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Saturday, May 26, 2007
Advice: Run spellcheckers.

I saw this on someone's personal ad while reading the onion.

The five items I can't live without: "Love, laughter, life, language, and laditudinarians. Go ahead, you know you want to look it up."

Well, I did look it up and guess what, there was no such word. The correct spelling is "latitudinarians". It more or less means an open minded person (especially where religious matters are concerned). Trying to look smart by using a big word and getting the spelling wrong tends to achieve the opposite effect.

Don A.Q.: 1
pretentious (but still dumb) bitch: -1000000
I just saw the same personal ad, you would think she would do the bare minimum and spell check her shit
Bob Sagat!
Bob Sagat? What's he got to do with this?
I saw the same personal ad and noticed the spelling problem. I googled it and found your post and spit Diet Coke on my keyboard. Way to stick it to that idiot!
Johnny: Heh, thanks. Now, if only someone would tell her that the word "hebetudinous" describes her and to "go ahead, you know you want to look it up". That would be awesomely funny.
Ditto - I saw the personal while reading Onion, googled it and found your blog. Funny stuff.
I saw the personal while reading Onion, googled it and found your blog. Funny stuff.
Same here. If "laditudinarians" meant "people with huge noses" I would've respected her.
Ditto for me, googled the word and found your blog. And huge is being kind in regards to her nose, you could park an aircraft carrier on it...egads!
Ditto for how I got here.

But, this blogger doesn't even realize the "pretentious bitch" personal was all a joke in the first place. Jeez.
Ditto. Effin Hilarious! Nice blog.
What's more pretentious than her getting something wrong is you being proud you noticed it and publicizing it to losers like me who read things like this. Grow up.
I bet when she sucks cock she looks like a bird pecking at the ground.
Maybe you shouldn't be a smart-ass. Laditudinarians are a group of evangelical Anglo-Catholics. Maybe she likes Anglo-Catholicism.
You're a dick.

By the way, Laditudinarians are a group of evangelical Anglo-Catholics. Maybe this fictional joke person is in to Anglo-Catholicism, which is probably why it's funny.

Don't be an ass.
And I bet you don't get yours sucked very often. Also, I bet you are functionally retarded.
Considering her nickname is "paganchick" I don't think she would view evangelical Anglo-Catholics as something she can't live without? She is a tard.
fwiw, the OED has no entry for "laditudinarian". sounds like a case of self-aggrandizing neologism on the part of anyone legitimately claiming ownership of the word. is there something wrong with "evangelical anglo-catholic"? and yes, she probably meant "latitudinarian".
I think she was hot. And I would wash her car.
dammit. i just found im the hundredth person to do the same thing. wow. we be sheep. oh well, amazing that personals stay up this long
It's amazing how some of you think those personals are real. They are all fake and for jokes. Yikes, not everything on the net is real kids.
That is irrelevant to the point of the post. Joke or not, the post remains valid, except that the target would shift to the person who wrote the joke. Even if you're going to write a joke, do it right. Weird how every idiot on the net thinks "it's a joke" excuses every known form of stupidity.

Besides, it wasn't even funny, which I believe is an important prerequisite for jokes.
I thing she is hot too. I would drink her bathwater.
All of you are a bunch on Onion Heads!
Actually, it DOES make it acceptable if it's not a person self-representing anymore - if not acceptable, then at least no longer "pretentious", unless you think the author had some emotional attachment to how many people actually were attracted to the intellectual content under the pretty picture. And yeah, perfectly symmetrical she may be not, but still a reasonably attractive young woman by any standards that aren't ... well, an infinite number of monkeys on the Internet. Congratulations, I hate you all more than Lord of the Rings fans. mazelmuda@hotmail.com
now THAT was funny.
I would correct her spelling and drink her bathwater.
This was amazing. thank you all.
obvious troll. she did it on purpose to fuck with you guys. mission complete.
Anyway, I find it interesting that life places number three on her list of things she can't live without.
i wish i could meet a hot pagan chick......*sigh
The Onion personals are real, it is a genuine service (just like the Onion AV club reviews real films). At least it makes a change to have someone fail to realise that something on the Onion is NOT a joke.
she's not as gross as the babyanimals personal ad. but that's like saying prostate cancer is better than pancreatic cancer.
This is funnier than the "Blues Singer's Woman Permitted To Tell Her Side" article I was reading when I looked that word up! (the article was pretty funny, too)
I saw that advertisement too on the side of some site, and I looked up that word. Telling people to look up a strange would could actually be a good tactic to avoid the fees and censorship that dating sites impose. For example, make up a word, like snaggleblargh, tell the reader to look it up. Because your MySpace or Blog is the only thing on the internet using that word, it will be at the top of Google results(assuming you google bomb that word a few times to your blog), and your true love will find you without paying a dime! Only problem is stalkers will find you too, hah!
Funny that the first post here is from July 2007 and it is March 2008 as I write this.

Either she never gets any dates or she never changes her profile.
Count me among the ones that looked up the word. LOL.
I thought that laditudinarians were a form of jewish hookers.
I wish all pretentious chicks could have pages and pages of blogs busting on them. Hilarious, y'all.
Gee, she spell a word wrong. And her nose is large. Let us lambaste her. She deserves it. We can hear your self-loathing around the world. She might suck your dick if she could find it?
lrn 2 spell n00bish pagan chickz0rs. wtfpwnt scrub.
I'd hit it....
I'm reader number zillion+1 who saw the ad, wondered what the word meant, used google search, found this blog, and is now posting about it.
her love of laditudinarians isn't getting her any, i fear. saw her ad on the village voice today and google funnelled me here, like a trash chute funnels garbage.
I saw her on the corner of 10th st E and wabasha earlier today, i wonder if she works in MN Capitol.
This is what happens, Donny, when you misspell a word on the internet.
those ads are so stupid, they always have some gay phrase that's meant to sound like that person is all deep and interesting, but really it's a random douchebag-statement generator matched with random pics of dumb people... who are these suckaz fallin for that game? :p
Hey Lobster "I'd rather have a free bottle in front of me than a free frontal lobotomy" how's that for deep and interesting. Jackass.
I actually found this blog post from looking up the word after seeing that onion personals ad.
She has a personal... you don't... she is better than you...
Well I must say that I am a little disappointed that I didn't come across this earlier but I just vomited to 2girls1cup last week so me being behind is just par for the course.

While I was pasting 'laditudinarians' into google I was orgasming with excitement - is this a secretive organization like the free masons or stonecutters? So was I let down? No! I double-climaxed when I read through this entire blog although the one thing I can't figure out is why posts claim that she is hot and/or attractive? That's a man! Or at least a post-op tranny.

As much as I'd love to fuckstart this shemales head, it does have a blog page dedicated to it which is more than I can say for myself unless you include the now defunct supercreepy20somethings.org/lolcatz/weinerballz/yourdadishot/douchecentral

I'll be back to this site sometime in the near future and if there are no new posts - I'm going to kick you all in the nuts.

In soviet russia, blogs post you!
Those persinals are so real...I twisted lids with ol' gurl just last nite! It actually doz kinda louk like a burd peking the ground...Wierd
everyone seemed to miss that one of the listed items in "things she can't live without" was LIFE. start simple and work your way up
Liked/loved the L-ness of lass's little letter.

I like to think that she meant to say "latitude Arians"
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