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Wednesday, April 25, 2007
What if...

... the Last Son of Krypton had landed in India instead of the United States?

On an unrelated note, I think more people should read this, especially Americans and English who frequently make these mistakes, because not being able to write your native tongue correctly is just embarrassing.

On another unrelated note, here's some stuff I was talking about at work with my colleagues today.

MrToe brought this book for the rest of us to read. BigGuy was mentioning that he wrapped all his books with plastic to protect them. I suggested to them (they were both attached) that perhaps they should also wrap their girlfriends in clear plastic on anniversaries, just to show the chicks how precious they are.

Caution: Applying the above may result in no sex.

They were talking about chicks and how chicks expect blokes to do sweet things for them. I was wondering what stuff you could do for chicks that would be sweet yet unconventional. Then it hit me. Y'all ready for this? Buy them strawberry-flavoured condoms.

Caution: Applying the above may result in your girlfriend using the condom... with some other guy.

Discussion of (2) led me to think about creating and marketing a new fetish product. The shit-flavoured condom. Perfect for simulating post-anal oral sex. My colleagues were telling me that it would never work, but I'm pretty sure there's a ready market for that sort of thing in Japan.

Caution: Do not kiss the ho after she blows your shit-flavoured rubber dick.


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