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Thursday, July 24, 2008
Not to diss on my countryman, but...

This bugger is just plain stupid.
<AntiMage> APPLY NOW : jaxkhor85@hotmail.com
<luks> COOL
* sawfish__ (n=Sawfish@62-47-184-188.adsl.highway.telekom.at) has joined #gcj
* Sawfish has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
* sawfish_ has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
* Sawfish (n=sawfish@62-47-184-188.adsl.highway.telekom.at) has joined #gcj
<luks> secretary working from home is an interesting idea, though
<AntiMage> yap...if interested pls apply to the above email address...thx
<luks> :)
<AntiMage> no harm to try...hehe
<luks> you might get banned or at least kicked easily, I guess
* adi112358 has quit (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
<AntiMage> ya...xpected d
<AntiMage> jz hoping can help others..n help myself
<luks> do you think programmers are interested in that kind of job?
<vollmond> Ooo, no sex limit
<AntiMage> erm...jz part time mah...
<vollmond> sounds like fun
<AntiMage> no nd u 24hrs go n monitor
<TheWarrior> lold
<TheWarrior> so, i can have as much sex i want? ^^
<vollmond> man, my current employer keeps me at once a month :(
<AntiMage> sory..pls dun mis understd the meaning
<TheWarrior> if you could spell properly, it might help in preventing misunderstandings. :))
<AntiMage> hahaha
<AntiMage> okok..
<AntiMage> btw is NO SEX, AGE LIMIT...
<TheWarrior> ah, so encouraging child exploitation, then? :D
<AntiMage> shld i chg to ANY SEX ?
<AntiMage> or simply MALE / FEMALE
<AntiMage> hehehe
<TheWarrior> well, changing it to male/female would exclude the shemales, and those of unspecified gender from your target group
<TheWarrior> ^^
<AntiMage> hahaha...thn vry hard to explain d
<Linus`> AntiMage
<Linus`> why are you talking like this?
<Linus`> are you just dumb or what ?
<Linus`> 12 years old?
<AntiMage> nono...sory is i said sumthg wrong
<Linus`> sigh.
<Linus`> what's the problem with you?
<AntiMage> .......
<AntiMage> shld i say wat problm wf u la
<Linus`> oh, whatever.
<TheWarrior> his isp probably charges him by the letter.
<Linus`> oh, i see
<sadiq> vowels also cost more.
<TheWarrior> yes, apparently he's on a flexible cost plan.
<TheWarrior> :)))
<B|ackPanther> AntiMage,i wonder if one would trust you especially that you write in such a confusing language
<AntiMage> did i say sumthg wrong actually ?
<AntiMage> confusing ?
<AntiMage> which part u confuse ?
<AntiMage> i alrd use simple n easy word
<B|ackPanther> No,the short forms you use are so confusing considering that short forms are not standard.
<Linus`> :D
<AntiMage> oh..icic...
<AntiMage> sorry...
<Linus`> wh r u tlkng lk ths??
<AntiMage> will try to use full
<Linus`> cnt u c is hrd t ndrstnd?!
<AntiMage> bt i understand wat u talking about
<AntiMage> u said why are u talking like this...
<AntiMage> cant u see is hard to understand ?
<B|ackPanther> AntiMage, apparently how many channels have you posted your message ?
<AntiMage> just tried some which won't direct kick me out
<TheWarrior> B|ackPanther: well, he's spamming after all, it would be folly to expect he's only doing it once :)))
<B|ackPanther> AntiMage,Its best you paste that somewhere and then give out a link.
<luks> heh
<AntiMage> oh...good idea Panther
<AntiMage> thanks for the suggestion
<AntiMage> cause i think i flood
<B|ackPanther> i been to #ubuntu and he did the very same thing.
<AntiMage> so kicked out from the channel
<AntiMage> haha...u saw it ? that channel kicked me out when i pasted it
* forest has quit ()
<B|ackPanther> AntiMage,yes,you are not suppose to do that!!:(
<AntiMage> wil create a link then..very thx to your good suggestion
<Linus`> you are not supposed to be even on freenode
* prekageo (n=a@nes2.nessos.ondsl.gr) has joined #gcj
<TheWarrior> well, as a matter of fact, he shouldn't be in front of a computer at all.
<AntiMage> Linus'...can please suggest a better place ?
<Linus`> sure
<Linus`> try work offers site
<AntiMage> TheWarrior...i know you are pro...no need to say people like this ok ?
<Linus`> or if you want to chat, well, there is msn
<Linus`> or if you want irc, well, another network perhaps
<B|ackPanther> Linus', are you the guy behind linux or his fan? Just curious.
<TheWarrior> AntiMage: i never said i'm "pro", i just said that the world would be a better place if you vow to never touch a computer again. :))
<Linus`> im just named after linus van pelt
* prekageo (n=a@nes2.nessos.ondsl.gr) has left #gcj
<Linus`> peanuts character
<Linus`> charlie brown's comic
<Linus`> and snoopy, etc
<AntiMage> TheWarrior : Everyone also have first time ok ?
<luks> AntiMage: not everyone is a spammer though
<TheWarrior> first time for what? spamming? don't think so.
<AntiMage> ok fine..since you are so rude..don't believe is fine...i dont wan to argue anything with u
<luks> I don't even see the point of spamming here, it's not like anybody is going to apply :)
<B|ackPanther> Whats the maximum amount of time does programs in GCJ have to take to execute ?
<B|ackPanther> Or they are concerned with correctness only ?
<TheWarrior> AntiMage: you come here to spam, and then call us rude? don't you think that's a bit paradoxal?
<luks> B|ackPanther: 2 minutes for short input, 8 minutes for the long one (minus the time to download/upload it)
<luks> er, 4 minutes for the small one
<AntiMage> ok...i spam..but i said i first time in this channel only..but u dun believe..so what else u expect me to say ?
<B|ackPanther> So they dont actually need the code to be optimized,thats sounds better.
<Linus`> B|ackPanther: of course not, it is in the FAQ, anyway
<luks> well, it's not always easy to solve the large input in 8 minutes with a wrong algorithm
<Linus`> AntiMage: well, leave and never come back would be a good start
<AntiMage> thx everyone...is a vry good to treat new people here
* AntiMage (n=jaxkhor1@ has left #gcj
I think most Singaporeans should be able to tell that he's one. My only question is, how the fuck did he find freenode? Shouldn't he be in galaxynet?

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