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Friday, July 09, 2004
The word "aesthetics" should be a vulgarity

Just the other day, I was listening to some hiphop and trying to introduce a song to a female acquaintance of mine. She didn't want anything to do with it. Why? She said it's because nigger music is too crude and vulgar. Ah, she was such a classy bitch. Not. I truly detest "classy" people. They're such fucking idiots. This is not the first time some moron has given me this lame reason for refusing to listen to or watch something, either. Some time ago, I was trying to introduce Eddie Murphy's "Raw" to another (what a coincidence) female acquaintance, and she watched like 5 minutes of it before she told me that it's too "vulgar".

Then there was this stupid prissy bitch on IRC who threw a hissy fit whenever someone typed the word "fuck" in a channel. Needless to say, I said "fuck" with every other sentence out of pure spite. I mean, who the fuck do you think you are to go around imposing your prejudices on other people? If you don't like the word, just stop using it. If you don't like to hear it, go away. You're not me, so stop acting like everyone else has to conform to your desires whenever you're around.

And the list goes on. What's with the fucking act, bitches? The ironic thing is that almost all of these "classy" bitches also use the word "fuck" themselves. If you dislike something I like because it doesn't suit your tastes, you'd merely have poor taste, but if you reject something out of hand just based on the fact that it contains vulgarities, you're a fucking idiot. It's just a fucking word, for chrissake. Just because a song or a performance contains the gratuitous use of vulgarities, doesn't mean that it cannot be clever/funny/moving. These are not mutually exclusive qualities, you cocksuckers.

These "classy" people usually have some things in common, such as 1) being female or a fucking faggot, 2) valuing appearance over function in most things, 3) excessive usage of the word "aesthetic" and its variants and 4) fancying themselves as artistic people. What a bunch of fucking morons. They piss the hell out of me because they don't realise that no purely artistic (in the narrow sense of the word which these people use) person ever invented anything useful. It has always been the practical people who invented the things that keep the world running. You arts fags are merely parasites living off the fat produced by the smarter minds of society.

What these people do not realise is that artistry can be found at the highest levels of any field. The people who go on and on about "aesthetics" and "sensitivity" are also the same ones who are often too dull in the head to appreciate the beauty in the symmetry of a complex mathematical equation. They are the idiots who will never appreciate the beauty in the economy of a well-written program. They are the morons who will never experience the sense of satisfaction and achievement that comes from solving a difficult problem. All that they know how to do is to parrot the opinions of their betters, using words like "aesthetics" to impress each other, and getting on the nerves of others. They are also usually rather good at producing mediocre works of "art" which they then inflict on the rest of society.

Christ, do I hate you. You lot can stuff "aesthetics" up your own "sensitive" fucking asses.
Rap SUCKS you moron. Wtf is so talented about saying Uhh Uhh Uhh Yahurr and f¨¨ dat nigga bitch? for 3 minutes straight? If I buy an album, I want to buy something people put effort into and not just put a bunch of exploited ugly wank chicks sporting nokia cellphones in their videos to make them money. The "function" as you value so much is to bang some "ho" and get shot ten times in some gang war. Not only that but rap sounds like anus, it has a bunch of people that look like anus and it smells like anus.
Oh yeah, and how cool is it to mispell words purposefully and speak like youre five? At least make the vulgarity talented or maybe have decent.

One thing I do agree on...Females are idiots, I speak from first hand experience, being female myself...Id rather stab one than make friends with it.
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