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Sunday, April 17, 2005
To Build Or Not To Build? That Is The Casino

A little bit of background before proceeding. The dearly beloved and also sometimes hated Singaporean government is considering building a casino on our sunny little island and has asked for the opinions of the citizens. Since I am not rich, nor do I command a large enough audience to be a threat to the government no matter what I do or say, I shall take a small risk here and say that I think it's just an empty gesture to pacify the masses. I think that the government has already made up its mind about whether or not to build the casino, and nothing the dumb sheep say will alter its decision. Obviously, the decision was to build the casino, or the proposal would never have been made.

So why, since the decision has already been made to to build a casino, did the government need to ask for public opinion? Surely it's not really that big a deal? Well, I believe that here, the government is reaping the harvest of what they had sown over the years. Let's face it, we have had a rather stodgy government ever since we gained our independence. Look at the amount of censorship we have to endure here (thank God for the fucking internet!). Over the years, most Singaporeans have been brainwashed to be just as outwardly prim and proper as our rulers. I'm not saying that this is necessarily a bad thing, because in a nation as fragile as ours (tiny land mass with no natural resources), order is of paramount importance, and nothing promotes order better than an unimaginative people. Anyway, the government, being far from stupid, realised that the decision to have a casino will likely rankle with a lot of anally-retentive people, and thus decided to give the people the illusion of having the power to affect its decision. I believe that in the end, they will say something like the majority of Singaporeans were supportive of having the casino blah blah yada yada.

By the way, this may not be the best post ever, because I slept only 3 hours last night, but bear with me.

Sure enough, all sorts of idiots started protesting against the idea, saying dumb shit like having a casino will cause more people to become addicted to gambling and stuff like that. I believe that is bullshit. I mean, some of those protesting against the idea of having a casino in letters to newspapers claimed that they came from families broken by the gambling addictions of its members or that they have seen such cases. Did they not realise that they'd just shot themselves, or rather, their argument, in the foot? If those morons they mentioned could ruin their lives because of gambling in the absence of a casino, what difference would having a casino make?

For myself, I have always perceived gambling to be pointless because the odds are too fucking heavily stacked against you for you to win honestly. I don't like thrills. I want sure wins. The point here is that the people who will gamble their livelihoods away will do it with or without the casino, while people like me won't gamble in any case. Besides, gambling is one of the oldest vices, along with prostitution, and time has already proven that you can never fully rid any society of them. Rather than drive them underground, making them the domain of criminals who don't pay taxes, why not make them sources of revenue for the country? Furthermore, since the casino will not be run by thugs, the government could possibly better control it to ensure that it does less harm to those afflicted with gambling problems. Whatever. I am of the opinion that gambling addicts deserve bankruptcy if they were not cheated out of their money, because they chose their own paths.

I don't know how much sense I'm making, since I'm almost half-asleep now, but anyway, the verdict will be out tomorrow, so let's see if I will be proven right, shall we?

Perhaps inspired by the Big Fuck's post on Singlish, the Feisty Bitch has written one of her own. Personally, I thought it was fucking hilarious, but then again, it revolved around certain scenarios common in our relationship.

Also, go look at the kitten's sims mods. To be perfectly honest, I don't know what the fuck it's about, but hey, she likes doing it and she likes to have viewers. Since she's a rather good net friend of mine, in spite of the fact that she's an arrogant little twit sometimes, I thought I'd do her a favour and help plug it. Click on her ads if you're not too lazy to do so, humble readers. I told her that since she's a chick she should totally become a cam whore if she wants hits, but she's averse to doing that for some obscure reason. Come on, kitten, this is a material world we're living in and sex sells. Anyway, consider this my way of saying thanks for providing me with hours of entertainment arguing with you about everything under the sun. You're like the annoying little kid sister I've never had and never missed, heheheh.
My sentiments exactly.

I'm not the gambling sort, and I don't have luck where it comes to cards or mahjong anyway, so I will never set foot in there.

Besides, those people who protest about the casino ought to also protest the existence of the stock market. Lots of people have been burnt by it as well, Hell, it's also a form of gambling and risk-taking.
Wow, that was fast, Ivan. Anyway yeah, simple mathematics should tell you that gambling is, in the long run, always a losing proposition.
"I'm fat hor?"
*Scrambles for cover*

You answer that question dude, you're on your own. =P
vote for: build casino!
might as well wat.. all the ahpeks (plus me) still go genting or batam to gamble. might as well lose it in own country.
Always easier to blame others for one's own the lack of will. The "out of sight, out of mind" mentality.

But TWO casinos? Power!
I always thought the publc feedback thing was a farce.

Hmm... building a casino in Marina South as well might be a bit too... accessible. But really, I'll never go there anyway, so there.
Celle: Haha, Genting temperature lower mah.

Feisty Bitch: Gotta pay 100 bucks to get in not power le.

Ivan: Yeah, doesn't concern me either.
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