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Saturday, October 22, 2005
Dr. Fletcher, I Presume?

Someone told me that this cat blogs like I do. Needless to say, I immediately checked him out, because hey, if he blogs like me, he must be awesome. As it turns out, there are indeed some similarities. He is also an arrogant fucker, for one thing, though not quite as arrogant as I. Then there's his slogan/heading/whatever. Look at the two.

"Stomping idiots into the ground since always."

"Laughing at the cosmic gag reel since March '04."

He even writes in proper English, like I do. Well, most of the time, anyway. Also, he plays DotA as well (calls himself Dr. Fletcher). His template is black, but his sidebar is on the left of the page. Like me, he disdains the wimpy templates they use nowadays with teeny weeny cobweb fonts that waste half your screen space and makes you squint to read the words. Instead, his blog fills the entire fucking screen. Heheh, I know what you're gonna say, Blinkymummy, but I still think my template is the rulest.

At first, I thought that this guy was a copycat, but then check out his archives, people. The guy has been around longer than I have! Parallel lines of development? Shit, I love him already. His blog is still not as cool as mine, of course, but it's sort of cool. The only question I have is, why the fuck is he not famous yet? Why the fuck have I not heard of him before? Nevermind, if you like what I write, chances are that you'll like his style also, although I'm funnier and smarter, of course. Do go check him out.

Dr Fletcher
ahh...I've been reading that blog for the longest time. Would be a worthy addition to LEWD, if I dare say so myself!

here's something like the female equivalent of him:
it rocks too.
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