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Saturday, February 25, 2006
Pr0n should be left to pr0s

Well, I see someone has gone and made our little island notorious famous again. And like Grace Quek, this all has to do with sex. For days, I've been hearing about some chick named Tammy, who's apparently from, ahem, let's just say Zhe Bin might have known her. So apparently, the facts of the matter are thus:

  1. Tammy makes a video of herself copulating with her lover.

  2. Someone steals the video and uploads it onto the Wild Wild Web.

  3. People who, as far as I can see, have nothing whatsoever to do with the whole affair (like me) have been farting with their mouths and/or keyboards over it ever since.

Predictably, the conservatives condemn the video and the person who made it, lamenting the fact that our society has become so decadent that people would film themselves having sex.

Predictably, the liberals defend the chick, condemning the conservatives for condemning the chick and also condemning the person who stole the phone with which the video was taken. Liberals lament the fact that our society is so oppressed that people would steal homemade pr0n, post it on the fucking net, and make a big fuss over it, causing the girl so much distress.

Also predictably, people from both sides surreptitiously downloaded the video and quietly watched it.

Oh, come on, you know you've done it.

As always, being the very personification of fairness and justice, I will side with neither party. Frankly, I couldn't care less about this whole issue, because it simply doesn't concern me. However, since I've already started talking about it, I feel obliged to bitch about something.

I will hence bitch about the poor pr0duction values of the video.

For fuck's sake, if you must make pr0n, do it right. The sound was horrible and the pictures were blurred. And what was that long part in the middle showing the guy's ass? Seriously, I think that ass is going to turn me off sex for the next 10 months. I know, I know, they didn't make it for me, right? But come on, why make a video of yourself if it only shows all your ugliest bits in the worst possible light?

Ok, so maybe they don't know how bad they look since their perceptions are tainted by their self-images, but there's simply no excuse for the idiots who uploaded this shit. That is why I feel that we should hunt down the motherfucker who uploaded this fucking poor quality pr0n onto the internet. As cheapskate consumers of free online pr0n, we must declare in one voice that no longer will we stand for lousy amateur pr0n wasting our bandwidth. Then tear the fuckers who upload such crap from limb to limb.

In conclusion, people, please leave amateur pr0n to the pr0fessionals.
Damn, I never downloaded it.
I never bothered to find the video; but if you read today's Forum, there's a woman who wrote in with a bloody holier-than-thou attitude. Typical overbrearing Xtian...
I think the girl received more flak than she deserved. It's the guy who should kena. I mean, he's an ugly motherfucker.
is the girl chio ah?

awesome entry in any case!
Well, she's chio if you like the kawaii type, I guess. I'm rather ambivalent towards kawaii chicks. Would I let them suck my cock? Yes. Would I buy them drinks? No.
did that even pass the basics of a pron wideo? :p

again, it wasnt produced for the mass audience..beauty in eyes of beholder ya?
bs: Well, the dictionary states that pr0n is intended to appeal to the erotic instincts, but it doesn't say that it actually has to succeed. I doubt that this clip was intended to be a documentary, hence I suppose it has to be pr0n.

And as I said, my beef is not so much with the coupling couple themselves, but rather with the fucker who uploaded the clip. Because s/he has no taste.
It's free pron. You can never argue with free pron.

Yes, I feel sorry for that girl...but it's FREE pron.

Yes, maybe the person who did the downloading had no taste...but it's FREE pron.

Yes, it's immoral according to christian standards to look at pron...but it's FREE pron.

Any troubles or problems in life can be explained away with free pron.

Like the famine situation in North Korea? Probably caused by FREE pron.

The freedom fighters in Iraq causing trouble for the American Empire? Probably it's the lack of FREE pron there.

Me still being single? FREE pron(most likely).

And it's a seven minute clip(on average), for goodness sake. I can't even get a decent five minute FREE clip on the net........
but that doesn't mean that I look at FREE 30 second clips pron. Oh wait, it does.
-public service announcement-

you guys can catch me embarass myself further on ANOTHER episode of the Channel U matchmaking programme, on Wed at 8pm and 12am! There'll be 4 chicks...(hot or not, i can't say)
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