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Friday, July 28, 2006
A continuation

I Rock, You Suck not-so-proudly presents a continuation of the confrontation between the light of intelligence, yours truly (YAY! HIP HIP HURRAY!), and the darkness of faeces-hurling stupidity and complete absence of logic that is . . . the Xiaxue fan (BOO! HISS!).

They said:

# fencesitter Says:
July 27th, 2006 at 12:21 pm

Tigerkiler, rambotan is not neutral la or else he wont be
asking his fren donaq to mock xiaxue fans lerr…tis is
pretty much blinkymonkey territory..yeah tats abt it.

toodles lalala
# mei ling Says:
July 27th, 2006 at 1:15 pm

oh, i got here from donut’s link, supposedly to be “incredibly
hilarious”, after reading thru the comments section, there are
only 2 things i find funny :
1) rambutan’s chicken voice calling those commenters not to “names
calling” twice
2) and donut’s playing circus mocking xiaxue fans
ok, i shall start laughing now..lololol
# anonymous Says:
July 27th, 2006 at 1:55 pm

donaq, let me make this clear to you :
1) u got a problem with xiaxue fans, its YOUR problem, dun make it xiaxue’s problem
2) xiaxue’s blog is entrepreneur blog, not ur frens rambutan blog where u can dumped ur shits so dun dumped inane/unrelated stuffs
3) u are programmer so consider educated, start acting like one dun act like clowns/paria hooligans
4) xiaxue is not ur psychologist, ie whenever u dumped shits on ur frens blog dun u clobber all over xiaxue for attn, paid for ur psychologist, for god sake, nothing is free in this world except AIDS
5) and u think xiaxue MUST publish & read ur comments? hahaha who do u think xiaxue is? hahaha and why u? use ur brain la pls
kk..end of rants

I say:

fencesitter: Rambotan asked me to mock you guys insofar as Xiaxue asked you guys to come heckle blinkymummy at his blog (wtf), which, incidentally, Xiaxue linked (zomfg how dense do you have to be to not notice that).

mei ling: Oh wow, you called me “donut” instead of “donaq” and you called rambotan “rambutan”. Your witty repartee has me at a complete loss. I am so undone. Allow me to help you out, though. You did not find my comment funny because any form of humour above the deliberate misspelling of another person’s name is completely beyond your comprehension. That includes sarcasm, which is why you will also not find this reply to you funny at all.

1) Agreed. However, Xiaxue’s fans being knuckle-dragging chimps is everyone’s problem, including hers. Especially when they go heckling her friends’ blogs.

2) I could be mean here and say that more than 99% of the comments on her blog are inane and unrelated, and it would be almost true. However, I shall leave that aside and merely say that since the lady has a moderated comment section, I shall post whatever I see fit and leave it to her to filter it. Besides, informing her about what people who claim to be her friends (hecklers) are doing on the blogs of other people whom she openly acknowledges as friends (rambotan) is hardly inane. Like I said, she herself can make the decision of whether to say something about it or not. I merely passed her information I thought she could use. This included advice directly pertaining to her post, which none of you were able to provide, I might add.

3) While I will admit to being a clown and even a wiseass at times, I am neither an outcast, nor am I a thug. There’s no correlation between having an education and not having a sense of humour, so what’s your point?

4) AIDS is not free. You have to get laid or do heroin to get it. Since you’ve probably had experience with neither of the above, no worries, eh? You’re safe! As for the attention-seeking bit, I left ONE comment on ONE post of Xiaxue’s blog. Her fans have bombarded her with countless emails and comments, and, not content with that, they’ve started flaming those she links and considers her friends(hint: here). So, way to call the kettle black, dude!

5) Er, nope. I posted regarding the issue on my own blog for my own readers. Nowhere did I mention that I thought she MUST publish or read it, though, so I can’t imagine where you got the idea from. I HOPE she reads and publishes it, of course, otherwise why would I post it? If she reads it and doesn’t do something about it, though, just because she fears losing these - ahem, fine - individuals we have had the displeasure of encountering here, then I truly, and from the bottom of my heart, pity her. As for the use your brain dig, well, look who’s talking.

If you want the complete scoop, read it here, Seriously, my whole point was simply that I thought it must be embarrassing for Xiaxue that people claiming to be her friends are heckling the blogs of people she likes enough to link. I mean, the girl qualified for Mensa, didn't she? I'd be surprised if she can actually stand talking to any of these apparently retarded people, given her I-don't-suffer-fools-gladly online persona.

Of course, I think it's also possible that she would not risk losing her readers by speaking out against them, even if they're harrassing her friends, since her blog is a means of livelihood for her, but really, that would be so damned pathetic.

That is all for now, but rest assured, my few but stalwart readers, the saga is not over! For stupid is a force like gravity. You cannot reason with it.
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