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Monday, August 06, 2007
China Wine

Watch Ho Yeow Sun shake her booty in this video.

I've never been a fan of Ho Yeow Sun, but yesterday an article about her in a local Chinese newspaper caught my eye. Apparently, the people who were interviewed in that article have discovered fire, the internet and YouTube and they're all shaking with righteous indignation, saying that the MTV was licentious. Uh, no guys. Grace Quek aka Annabel Chong was licentious, Ho Yeow Sun is not.

Aside: Not that I have a problem with licentiousness, of course. (Nor should you, if you happen to enjoy some pr0n now and then. Don't be a hypocrite.) I quite admire Grace Quek, and I think it took a lot of pluck to do what she did and a lot of strength to live down the consequences and not only that, to transform herself into a web developer.

Aside to the aside: The geek snob in me feels compelled to point out that I would be a lot more impressed if she develops in Ruby on Rails, CakePHP or even Mono rather than inferior technologies like C# .Net, but hey, from pr0n star to pr0grammer is already way awesome. Go Grace!

Aside to the aside to the aside: I personally think that C# is not such a bad language, but my beef with it is that ASP .Net runs only on Windoze servers and, as Paul Graham said, "At this point, anyone proposing to run Windows on servers should be prepared to explain what they know about servers that Google, Yahoo, and Amazon don't."

Back to the topic, interviewees in the aforementioned article were saying that she can't be another Jolin Tsai because she's married and has a kid blah blah yada yada yada. Firstly, what century are these people living in? Hello, ever heard of Sharon Stone? What about Michelle Pfeiffer? Not that I think Ho Yeow Sun is as physically attractive as those ladies, but fuck Jolin Tsai, ok? She's a kid. They are women. Secondly, Jolin Tsai isn't even in Ho Yeow Sun's league. Jolin Tsai is regional. Ho Yeow Sun is global. She has #1 tracks on both the US and UK dance charts. She's collaborating with Wyclef Jean and Tyson Beckford appears in her music video. Who's Wyclef Jean? Remember Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie"? That's Wyclef Jean. Who's Tyson Beckford? He's the biker dude in Britney Spear's "Toxic" music video and one of the most prominent male models in the world. Who has Jolin Tsai worked with? Jay Chou? Don't get me wrong, the dude is talented, but while most kids in Taiwan probably danced to Hips Don't Lie in clubs, I doubt the average non-Chinese kid has even heard of Jay Chou.

Another point raised was that her husband happens to be a pastor. Well, what of it? Good for him, that a pastor can be open-minded enough to accept his wife being an international pop star. As for charges of licentiousness, come on, nobody would have batted an eyelid if it had been Christina Aguilera, Nicole Scherzinger or even Jolin Tsai in that video. Most of these "critics" have probably enjoyed watching the videos of at least one of those singers. Even if they haven't, their children probably have. These are the times we are living in, this is the stuff your kids are watching. Deal with it and stop being such anal-retentive fuckwads. Your time is over, bitches. Welcome to the next millennium.

As I said, I'm not a fan of Ho Yeow Sun, but come on, the woman is the first Singaporean to have #1 singles on both the US and UK charts. I'm not sure even Ayumi Hamasaki has done that before, and Jolin Tsai sure as fucking hell hasn't. This is as far as one of ours has ever pushed it, fellas, and we're trying to tear her down? What in the world of flying fucks is this nonsense? It's going to be our National Day soon, guys, so even if you're not a fan, like me, feel some patriotic pride at her achievements.

Good work, babe! Show 'em what you're made of!

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Erm, the woman can't sing. No matter who you collaborate with, or which charts your singles top, I believe you have to be able to carry a note before you command respect.
Mm, I think you missed the point of the post. I did not say she was above criticism. As I said, I'm not a fan of hers either. It's just that I did not think her music video was labeled licentious because it was especially licentious, but because it was done by Ho Yeow Sun.

To be fair to her though, I thought she certainly didn't do worse than most of what pop musicians are doing these days. And not being able to carry a tune is too harsh, because while her music does not suit my taste, it's not particularly horrible either.
i prefer Corrinne May...

SUN rocks so much.
sun ho looks cheap in that china wine video. I prefer Coco Lee, corraine may.
thank u so much. i'm sicked of those lamers trying to critcise her for no apparrent reason. i fully agree wif u. though i'm not a big fan of her, i still feel proud for her as a fellow singaporean =D
I'd respect her more if she had not sunk to that level of having to gyrate in half nakedness. I respect singers who keep their clothes on, such as Faye Wong or Joss Stone. There are better ways to generate publicity.

Conincidentally, I don't think much of Britney or Shakira, regardless which ever IT producer/dancer/model they worked which.
to the last anonymous: Eh, that's a matter of taste, I suppose. I'm only taking issue with double standards like "Jolin prancing around nekkid is sexy but Sun Ho doing likewise is slutty". If you apply your somewhat archaic standards of what constitutes modesty impartially, I have no issue with it.
china wine is a piece of shit ! Sun ho looks terrible and can't even dance. Oh my god, this type of standard.
oh wow, thanks for the video. i am not a fan of hers either, just something about her that i really can't put my finger on. pretentious? full of it? maybe even everything.

but regardless of that, judging by this video, she has still come a long way from her first few singles. this is not that much better, but hell i would prefer china wine over her first couple of singles any day.

thanks for the heads up - and yes, the society is full of shit and biase sometimes.
this is licentious... because? didn't seem that lewd to me, but what do i know.

p.s. she's hot. go hot singaporean women.
She was an ex-pastor. what does this say to her church followers? being a role model, isit ok to dance like a harlot and spew immoral words? she even claims shes spreading God's love through her music.

a complete disgrace to christians if u ask me.
keisna, she already denied she was a pastor. Everyone in the church known her as pastor. Since she want to deny with her eyes wide open, let her be. She is more interested to earn money than anything else. Let her continue her superfake kind heart way to spread her fake love. Anyway, the recent global music award - stepanie sun won the award. No sign of self-proclaim international star sun ho at all. This tells everything.
Way to completely miss the point.
it seems that the critics are pinning negative comments about sun and her music simply because she is sun ho (known to most people as a former pastor) and not judging her as a music artist. well i've heard the song china wine a few times and you must be absolutely tone deaf to say she can't carry a tune.
I'm not a fan of Ho either. But I still respect Ayumi and Jolin more in terms of their qualities. No big deal getting into the UK & US chart quickly if you can portray yourself cheap & slutty in the begining, thereafter it'll all depends on qualities to sustain that lead.

Ya she's not a Pastor but claims being a counselor. What a lame excuse, I'll respect her more as an artist if she says she has broke away from her church to pursue her own career.
as a christian she should not appear in video exposing her body and gyrating so suggestively. come on lets get real guys when they watch such videos are incited to lust!!
Dear critics of Ho Yeow Sun:

Please get a life. As understandably and as much as we'd like to understand how you feel, we also know that sometimes it's just unproductive talking to morons.

Go ahead and dislike her.

She's still going to
1) make songs,
2) albums,
3) build schools,
4) help people,
5) give money generously to charity,
6) change lives,
7) break records,
8) put her country in the international scene.

Dear critic, have you done any of the above? Oh wait, you want to shout something? Okay, wait, please get a life first.

Thank you,
Annoyed at Critics
Call it as it is.. Sun is just an attention seeker. Would rather do her own thing but call it a ministry to the world. Rather spending time with her hubby and son as a family, she took the son away to be with her where she travelled.. A good role model? haha.. So, what if she gives all her hard earned monies to all the charities all over the world? Her attitude still stinks.. A 36 year old mummy still wants adulation from all the ignoramus out there.. She is shameless to the core.. and i pity her blind supporters.. Singapore doesn't need her to make us famous. She is a shame to the nation..
i think she has a lot of money. i do marketing in the music industry and for someone as unknown (by global standards) as her to do the things she's doing, she's gotta be pretty pretty comfortable.
musicgal: Your point being?
Dear Musical,

Respects are earn not from having lots of money, especially one who claimed to be church counselor.
Musicgal : Do you know where did she gets her fundings to promote her album ?
Try searching for the top hits listed in Billboard Dance Chart, folks. I couldn't find any Sun Ho songs. It is really strange for a Singaporean or an Asian to make it that big in the US or UK but no one have heard of her No#1 hits.
LOL what do you say now? Turns out Sun Ho was using dirty money to live like a rock star. Shame!
Well, honestly, I say schadenfreude, because I intensely dislike her husband and her church, but my point about that video not being all that licentious still stands.
You all dumb or what? The DJs were paid to play her music to reach top charts... it was not a God given talent. Evem her supporters thought her gift in singing brought her to top charts and thought that was God's blessings. The congregation is so blinded. One supporter here mentiond She built schools and churches snd donated much... hey its the congregations money and all glory is God's not hers! So How can her supporters be so blinded by public display? Please dont make a mockery of Jesus. He doesnt need your help or mibe to build His church. Just sincere willing hearts with no thought of claiming credits by big ostentatious display and jiggling of body etc.. or reaching top charts! Dont mock God please!
One woman's vain ambitions
One founder's downfall
Many followers' disappointment
The Christian family's heartache.
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