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Sunday, August 26, 2007
Conan The Adventurer

Anyone remember the animated series? Here's a little something to jog your memories.

I was reminded of it today, and of course I thought of the theme song. In secondary school, while lessons were going on and when I probably should have been listening, I translated the song into Chinese with my classmate. I had no idea the memory was etched so deeply into my head that I can still recite it to this day. Naturally, to make the words fit into the tune, some artistic license was taken and some parts were omitted. Here are the original lyrics and the accompanying translation.

Conan! The Adventurer!

Conan! Warrior without fear!

He's more powerful than any man,
his legend spans across the land and sea!

(Talking part)
Conan! The mightiest warrior ever!
His quest: To undue the spell of living stone cast upon his family, by driving the evil serpant men back into another dimension, and vanquishing their leader; the cruel Wizard Wrath-amon!

Conan! The Adventurer!
Conan, Man of Bravery!
With his magic sword's protecting beam,
the mightiest of warriors is he!
Feel the power! CONAN!

Yes, I was a poor student.


HELLO you're still alive and apparently so am I! :D
and kicking (ass) too, i bet. ;)
you sound like a right cunt, although, i admit, are very talented at translating a wicked song from a wicked programme.
I remember this theme song. I used to watch that show every weekday before school in the 1990s.
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