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Tuesday, February 05, 2008
Edison Chen is a dick

I suppose everyone has heard about the sex scandal and his subsequent statement. I guess we now know what's behind that pretty face of his. Absolutely nothing.

I mean, seriously, I don't care if he screws all the chicks in the industry, but why the fuck did he have to document the process? Admittedly, the chicks had to allow him to do it, so that's not all his fault. But why the hell did he have to keep them in his computer and then send it for repairs? Jeez. And what the fuck were those chicks smoking? Remember, if you have daughters, give them this simple advice.

1) Don't fuck around.
2) If you must fuck around, don't take pictures or videos of it.

And what's with asking people to delete the pictures if they have them? That's just hypocrisy, isn't it? I mean, if he's the sort of person who takes amateur pr0n pictures or videos of chicks who liked him enough to fuck him, he's probably the sort of person who'd have been the first to look for downloads of such pictures upon hearing the news that they're available.

Furthermore, I doubt that statement would have one iota of effect on the situation. The people who aren't the sort to download such pictures wouldn't have done so anyway. The people who have downloaded the pictures but are basically decent people will probably keep them but not pass them on. The rest of the people who aren't so decent aren't the sort to heed his moralistic pleas in the first place. The people who haven't downloaded the pictures but want to download them can find them easily enough with a few Google searches. One of the gossip sites hosting the pictures (based in the US, incidentally) taunted Edison after his statement was released. And I do admire one of the celebrities involved, so no, I shall not exacerbate the problem by posting the link to that site.

And that is the thing about the Internet Age. You cannot scare people or even prosecute them for hosting content disadvantageous to yourself, because even if you have legal grounds in your country, your legal system has no jurisdiction in other countries. This is generally a good thing, because god forbid that there should be an international body with enough power to prosecute across borders, since absolute power corrupts absolutely, (haha, the irony) but in this case...

About all that one can do these days to ensure that no bad publicity falls upon oneself is to not do anything that would give grounds for bad publicity. That is unless, of course, one owns all the ISPs. Ah well, poor Cecilia.

Congratulations, Edison, you dick, you've most likely destroyed the careers of all those chicks you've boned.


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