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Friday, November 16, 2007
More about laditudinarians

I got more comments on my "laditudinarians" post.

Here's one.

Maybe you shouldn't be a smart-ass. Laditudinarians are a group of evangelical Anglo-Catholics. Maybe she likes Anglo-Catholicism.
# posted by Anonymous : November 15, 2007 1:16 PM

One apparently wasn't enough. The author of that comment felt strongly enough about this that he or she wrote a longer comment and posted it again 4 minutes later, this time leaving a name.

You're a dick.

By the way, Laditudinarians are a group of evangelical Anglo-Catholics. Maybe this fictional joke person is in to Anglo-Catholicism, which is probably why it's funny.

Don't be an ass.
# posted by Sam : November 15, 2007 1:20 PM

I can only reply that you, Sam, are an idiot.

Try googling for "anglo-catholic laditudinarian" or "laditudinarian anglo-catholic". Nothing turns up. Try searching dictionaries for the term "laditudinarian". Zilch. Try searching Wikipedia or even the Encyclopedia Britannica for it. Still nothing. This suggests one or more of three things. Either the group does not exist, or you misspelled the name of the group, or it's a very small group. Even giving you the benefit of the doubt concerning the group's existence and the way they spell their name, this only tells us that they are a bunch of nitwits who misspelled the word when choosing their own name, you moron.

This is the third time you have posted a comment regarding this on my blog, and you still haven't bothered to save yourself some embarrassment by checking your facts. You could have been doing something more productive with your time, like checking your goddamned facts. Instead, you have wasted the air you breathed while typing those comments, you have wasted Blogger.com's disk space storing your inane drivel and meanwhile, the universe creeps inexorably to its ultimate, entropic death.

Please, Sam, help the world save some resources. Help strengthen the human race's gene pool. Get yourself sterilized. Think of the kittens.

Update: I searched for "latitudinarians" (you know, the correct spelling of the word you're thinking of) and, hey presto, there it was. The very group of which you spoke. Now you look even stupider than the author of the personal who started this in the first place. Remember kids, check your facts before arguing with someone. You look really, really stupid if you're wrong when correcting others.

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Poor Sam...he was right..but he spelt it wrong. Surely even you are a bit silly for asking him to sterlize himself for a spelling mistake?
Most arguments on the internet are silly and exaggerated, Anthony. Having said that, I actually have nothing against either people who can't spell or people who are stupid. It's when they try to impress with their cleverness (the chick behind the personal ad on The Onion) or when they try to correct their betters (Sam) that they really become walking ads for birth control in water.

Far better that they become the targets of snarky comments on the internet and hopefully (against hope itself) learn their limits, I think, than if they overextend themselves in real life later on and get into real trouble.
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