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Tuesday, October 16, 2007
China Wine aftermath

Some time ago, I blogged about Ho Yeow Sun's China Wine music video. For some reason, it got a lot of responses, the latest of them being posted just two days ago.

She was an ex-pastor. what does this say to her church followers? being a role model, isit ok to dance like a harlot and spew immoral words? she even claims shes spreading God's love through her music.

a complete disgrace to christians if u ask me.
# posted by Kiesna : October 14, 2007 10:29 PM

Ok, first and foremost, she wasn't dancing like a harlot, Kiesna. Harlots don't dance. They gyrate in thongs against poles with their tits showing in their full silicone-implanted glory. And that's totally awesome. As for immoral words, I didn't hear any in that song. Then again, since you appear to live in medieval times, maybe women saying anything whatsoever in public constitutes immorality to you, huh?

Secondly, you've already said she's an "ex-pastor". So why would she still be expected to be a role model for the flock she's left behind? Seriously. That's like saying my ex-girlfriends are still obligated to fuck me or expecting ex-convicts to live in prison.

Lastly, how is what she does a disgrace to Christians? I mean, come on, if we have had people burning abortion clinics, lynching gays, opposing the use of contraceptives, hunting and burning witches, attempting to convert people by the sword, rushing into war while purporting to follow a loving God and committing genocide against cities such as Ai on God's command (Joshua 8:22-26) all claiming to follow the Judeo-Christian God, what makes a little dancing such a disgrace to Christians? Even if she were to strip and dance naked on television, would that really be worse than genocide or even murder? Why don't you run along and go do something useful instead of judging others? Let he who is without sin cast the first stone, eh?

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