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Thursday, July 31, 2008
Cuil who?

So it seems there's a new kid on the search engine block. One created by former employees of the incumbent champion, no less. They claim to rank results based on content. They also claim to have indexed more pages than Google. That's like saying that you have escaped your shadow or caught up with the horizon, isn't it? Nevertheless, I decided to put them to a vanity-based test. I searched for "laditudinarians", "donaq", and "i rock you suck", all of which I place on the first page of results for Google.

None of them found yours truly on Cuil. Searching for "donaq" turned up my old comments on Popagandhi. Searching for "laditudinarians" turned up some page on sgblogs.com mirroring this blog. Can you claim to produce more relevant results if searching for "donaq" doesn't produce donaq.blogspot.com before producing a link to donaq.blogspot.com as a comment on someone else's blog? I think not. Also, how can you rank a mirror above the actual site (which is not one of the results returned)?

Google: 3
Cuil: 0

They say "cuil" is an Irish word for knowledge. Unfortunately, this would-be new giant seems to be a leprechaun with an illusory pot of gold instead. Google FTW!

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Aiya rumour has it that guy was a rejected goods from Google.
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