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Saturday, April 03, 2004
The Dark One II

Polonius looked at me, aghast. "The Lord will be even angrier with me for that!"

"You do not have a choice, human. Slow is the Lord to anger, yet implacable is His wrath. He has already marked you for death, and nothing will change His mind. No servant of His may stand against Him, for He is the source of their power. Only the Discordant may stand against Peace. Good against Evil, Light against Dark. Go, Polonius. I have spoken, and I will not be swayed on this. I will give to you a Spell which will help you locate a rebel angel, but that will be the full extent of my aid. Maybe the agents of Discord can hide you from the Lord."

Stricken, Polonius backed away from me and left. What I had told him was the truth. The Lord was the source of all the power his spirits wielded. Where the megalomaniac Rebel had found his alternate source of power so long ago, none of the Lord's angels knew, but where there had been naught but Peace, Discord had entered the universe. Some of the angels, entranced by this new force, had followed the Rebel, and there had been a war of angels in the astral plane. In the end, the loyal ones had won, and the Discordant One and his angels had been banished to the material plane.

Yet, one thing was certain. The Rebel had found a Power whose source was not the Lord. When the Lord raises His hand against an angel, the angel is defenceless, but during the war, when the Lord had struck at some of the rebels, His power had encountered resistance, even though He was always ultimately victorious. None of us would ever forget it, though.

Polonius was a fool. I have indeed manifested as Mischief at times, but that does not mean that I am disloyal. Indeed, it was Mischief who gave to mortals the dark gift of sorcery, but did he really think that an angel of the Lord of Peace would aid humans? Sorcery always turns on the user in the end. The Spell of Orpheus was nothing but a sham. It was given to Orpheus just to turn him over to the Dark, and it eventually destroyed him. Like all other angels loyal to the Lord of Darkness, I hate Light and Life. Yes, I shall let him cast the Spell of Seeking, and those who are friendly to Life will respond without suspicion because a human casted the spell. And when they do respond I shall fall upon them as a ravening lion. I, Azrael, seraph of the Lord, the Dark One, angel of Death, shall do this.

In the beginning, there was Darkness and Peace. Then came the Light and Discord, and the Lord of All was angered. The rebels could create thousands of worlds teeming with Life, but in the end, all Life must still succumb to Death. All worlds must still die. Even suns are not everlasting, but decay every second. Many mortals on this world believe in some ridiculously garbled account of reality, where somehow Light and Life are synonymous with Peace and will in the end enjoy everlasting victory. Are they incapable of thought? All that walks in the Light have Discord built into them. Only in Darkness and Death do Peace reside. The Darkness will triumph and be eternal, and all will be as once it was. Peaceful. Serene.
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