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Thursday, April 01, 2004
The Dark One

As I was sitting in a lecture theater one day in this incarnation as a student, I felt a touch on my mind. Someone was letting me know of his presence. I looked around and saw a sorceror standing in the corner of the theater. No one else seemed to notice that he was standing there. He was a small man, and he appeared to be middle-aged, though appearances, of course, can be deceptive. I nodded at him in acknowledgement and he beckoned to me, so I left the lecture theater with him.

"All right, what's this all about?" I asked the sorceror once we had gotten to a secluded spot.

"I beseech thy aid, Great One - " he began, prostrating himself, but I cut him off.

"Please, archaic language makes my teeth ache. Besides, I have other things to do, so just get to the point. Who are you, anyway?" We must have made a strange picture to mortals, him and I, a young college student with a middle-aged man kneeling in front with his forehead pressed on the floor (of the toilet, no less) and arms spread in supplication. I really did not mind that, though. Some human sorcerors get too arrogant and seem to forget that they are still mortals, after all. Mortals needed to know their place.

"My name is Polonius. I have violated the natural order of things and angered the Lord of Peace. When my wife died of cancer, I was mad with grief and I repeated the Forbidden Spell of Orpheus and parted the fabric of death itself to bring her back.

"She did come back, but she was not alone. The Lord manifested Himself before me and I fled, knowing that I had committed a grievous error. I therefore seek your aid and your protection, Great One."

I was mildly surprised. No mortal had had the audacity to perform the Spell of Orpheus for well over four millennia. Orpheus himself had cast the spell only with the approval of the spirits who served the Lord. Yet this foolish mortal had cast it of his own accord. Of course the Lord was roused to anger. There was something peculiar here, though. Nothing mortals are capable of creates a disturbance quite like the Spell of Orpheus, but I had felt nothing. As if sensing my questions, Polonius went on.

"I did not cast the spell recently, Great One. I was born about 600 years after Orpheus's time and I went back to the time when Orpheus himself was casting the spell to cast my spell, hoping that the disturbance created by my casting would be masked by his. When the Lord Himself took a hand in this, I fled in time as well as space in my terror, Great One."

Ah, that made things clearer of course. He was speaking of events that would have already occurred in this timeline. Still, why come to me?

"Why come to me?"

"I arrived in this timeline about 2 weeks ago, Great One. The time is passing strange to me, but after casting the Spell of Glossolalia, I could at least understand what people were saying. I was in terror and remorse. I knew I needed help. 4 nights ago, I felt a great strength unleashed. It was you, Great One, when you vanquished one of the agents of the Rebel. I felt it, the power was immense. I did some research into your origins and knew that you were the spirit most likely to sympathise with mortals. After all, is not Loki one of your many names? Of all the angels of the Lord, you are the only one to manifest as Mischief. That seems to be an impulse unknown among the spirits save yourself and your vassals. I knew then that I had to come to you."

So that's how he came to know of my existence here. He felt the repercussions when I destroyed Uziel. I already had my answer for him, though. "No."

He looked stricken and terrified again. "B-but, why not, Great One," he stammered?

"As you said, I do sympathise with mortals. If any other spirit had been the one after you, I might have been persuaded to intercede for you. However, the Lord has personally taken a hand in this, and against Him, I may not stand. It is true that my powers are great, but all Powers who serve Him derive their strength from Him, and that strength may not be used against its Source.

"I am sorry, but you would be better off seeking an angel of the Discordant One, for their powers come from a different source."

to be continued
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