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Friday, July 28, 2006
Howling stupidity: An expose

So, Rambotan finally decided to clamp down on the idiots. Anyway, here's the last idiot comment.

anonymous says:

donaq, com’on man, dun make xiaxue’s blog as ur blog’s complaint counter,
i repeat, xiaxue’s blog is entrepreneur blog, not ur public toilet, if u cant
respect that, ur not fit to work coz its same things like office (enterpreneur blog)
and home (rambutan’s blog) and u called urself a programmer?
the more u tok, u look more dumb so dun exhibit urself as a case of bad
genes here la ok? shhhoooo shhhhhooooo go far far

Seriously, how does one reason with that level of stupidity? There's a hideously abysmal lack of self-awareness here, especially the part about my looking dumber the more I talk. I mean, what the hell? Does the bugger not read its own comments? Being one of these dumbasses must be like being roaring drunk all the damned time!

Here's another prime example, taken from Celle's blog.

celia said...

hey hey hey

celly, rmbr tat blinkymonkey? got hilarious show at rambutan blog la....click on my nick and u can see rambutan chicken voice calling his commenters not to "names calling" tat blinkymonkey female liumang..check it out babes!~

This is funny, because again, it is obvious that Rambotan is a friend of Celle's, so what this moron is saying is in fact "hey check out me flaming your friend on his blog, babe!"

In reply, Celle said:

celia: heuheuheuhuee... I just saw JOel yesterday, he dinna tell me about this!

ok i check it out

Now, if it wasn't obvious before that Joel aka Rambotan is a friend of Celle's it is patently obvious after this comment, right? But upon reading this, did the stupid realise the error of its ways and back down? Fuck, no! It proceeded to try to give Celle advice about him! I can't make this shit up, fellas.

celly babes, u waste ur time liao going out with him, juz dont waste ur money on him...not worth it

celly babes, u know, he purposely let donut bashing xiaxue's fans on his blog and remove my comments in defense of u, xiaxue & sandra so beware~!~

I mean, seriously. And when it saw that I'd posted a comment on Celle's blog (which I do pretty frequently), a comment which, I might add, had absolutely nothing to do with Xiaxue, it got paranoid and accused me of harrassing Xiaxue's friends.

adrian aka donut, wuaaa u harrass xiaxue's fren everywhere even ms celly's blog...

i think since u bashing xiaxue's fans so much in ur own blog as well rambutan blog, why dun u cremate urself same grave with the monkey? that will be better way to show ur loyalty towards ur blinkymonkeyism religion, if u cant do this, then go fuck urself..

Seriously, how can that creature have failed to notice the big "He Rocks, We Suck" link on Celle's sidebar and the even bigger LEWD tag below it? Hi, that's me! I mean, Celle's my homegirl, yo? We go way back, in blogging time scales. We were on friendly terms even before she was famous, hello?

Perhaps getting desperate because it sensed with its animal instinct that it was standing on shifting ground, it posted yet another comment, which makes it three consecutive comments. The last vestiges of sanity have just disappeared from its head, people. The poor creature is talking to itself.

celia said...

celly babes, a few words of praises here and there by rambutan ie xiaxue is awesome etc, dun be sucked in by it, its juz courtesy, hope u understand, dun be naive, hope u warned this to xiaxue & sandra as well...thx for ur air time again, not gonna patronize rambutan blog coz hes gonna remove any comments in defense of xiaxue but letting donut smear shit abt xiaxue fans all over his blog and we can only see but can do nothing to defend anythings....u know wat i mean?

Wow, the creature actually thinks Celle is even dumber than itself.

Simply amazing, isn't it? Seriously, I'm very interested to see what happens when these numbnuts finally realise that Celle is friendly with both myself and Joel. Will their fragile world view be shattered, reducing them to howling insanity? Oh, wait . . .

Or will they turn on Celle and go warn Xiaxue about her, too? Once again, this is I Rock, You Suck, bringing you reports from the lunatic fringe.
oh those kids are worth a good chuckle sometimes tho, lunacy included.
Stupid people must be gassed. It's the only way.

Translated for the retards: 2pid peoples muz be guessed. ish de onli way.
Screwy Skeptic: That's exactly why I'm posting all this. I think it's funnier than any crap I can invent.

Dr. Fletcher: Haha, no kidding. Are they even self-aware? I highly doubt it.
Hilarious nonsense.

Oh well, whatever makes you update more frequently. I'm happy to just sit on the sidelines and laugh at the stupidity of some of these morons.
I just cannot resist to comment on this classic line:

i repeat, xiaxue’s blog is entrepreneur blog

Makes me really think about the comprehension of "entrepreneur blog". I credit her for milking her own fame for cash, but I am not too comfortable calling her an entrepreneur.
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