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Thursday, February 28, 2008
I like breasts

My colleague told me today that the search for the exact quote "I like breasts" had only 600+ results. This is clearly an injustice to all the beautiful mammaries bouncing around out there. It is absolutely preposterous!

Hence, here and now, I Rock, You Suck pledges its undrying undying love for boobs, knockers, jugs, titties of all colours and denominations. I strongly urge that all self-respecting male bloggers out there post an entry with this title, because the fate of the relationship between mankind and hooters hangs precariously in the balance. We must unite in this noble cause and cry out in one voice and no uncertain terms that we, the True Men of Earth, love and adore breasts. We must not falter, we must not rest, until the internet is literally, liberally, littered with results for the search for the quote "I like breasts".

[Updated] Take comfort, brethren, in the fact that there are women out there who want us to nestle in their boobies because it's "so comfortable".



Women who understand and embrace this male love ought to be commended.

I'm recommending this song as the anthem for the i love breasts movement.
oops. song link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwSyfjsQLvY&feature=related
Not 600+, 13700.
i dun like...
@someone: Still a paltry number.

@anonymous: I must therefore question your manhood.

@Sid: Haha nice song.
Eh, I just realised I posted a wrong link. It's supposed to be the other song entitled 'nestle in my boobies'.

Tsk, stupid keyboard.
Yeah I realized that. Hence, I posted the correct one. ;)
wow. somebody likes the dirty pillows.
@VanitySpared: Was there any doubt? ;)
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