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Wednesday, March 19, 2008
Flock this shit

I've started using the Flock browswer and, being a geek and a man, I'm naturally curious about the vital question: How fast can it go before it breaks? So let's wait and see.

Anyway, here's some interesting stuff about Flock.

  1. It's based on the Firefox code base. If you're not a geek, that means that it's a modified version of Firefox.
  2. It is capable of integrating almost all your social site accounts with itself. You know, the usual Web 2.0 suspects (Facebook, Blogger, WordPress, YouTube, Flickr, del.icio.us, digg, etc).
  3. Related to point (2), the integration is pretty nifty. For example, if you integrate your Facebook account with Flock, you get a feed of all your "friends" in what they call a People Sidebar. This presumably makes you all feel really informed and up to date, because you're a bunch of lonely people. However, I digress.
  4. If you integrate your Flickr and/or YouTube account with Flock, it can show you streams of media from those sites in your Media Bar. This helps to fill up that gaping emptiness you feel inside.
  5. If you integrate any of your blogging accounts (even Xanga and LiveJournal), you can blog anytime by right-clicking in whatever site you happen to be visiting. Flock even adds the link to that site for you. This has a two-fold purpose.
    1. It aids untalented and overly enthusiastic bloggers in filling up the internet with boring, ungrammatical posts about whatever inane thoughts or boring sites they happen to be entertaining or visiting at the moment.
    2. It helps to lower the productivity of the aforementioned untalented but enthusiastic bloggers.
  6. I am writing this post on Flock (screenshot below). :)
  7. I posted the screenshots to Flickr using Flock. (screenshot below). :)
  8. If you close the sidebar and the Flock toolbar, you're pretty much left with Firefox.
Verdict so far:

It's convenient, if you're like, still in school and have tons of time for social networking sites and blogging or if you're running a startup and thus have tons of time for social networking sites and blogging. Otherwise, it's mostly just eye-candy on good ol' Firefox. It's been fun so far, though.

And now, here are the screenshots.

Flock this shit - Flogger

Flock this shit - Flockr
Blogged with the Flock Browser

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