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Saturday, October 30, 2004
My alias on MSN Messenger

See, the alias that I am currently using on MSN Messenger is "stroke broke poke joke stoke smoke coke invoke revoke woke yoke choke". A friend asked me what's the meaning behind it. Honestly, I was feeling broke one day, and I wondered what other words rhymed with "broke", hence the nickname. Taking a look at the string of words, however, and noticing in particular the words "smoke coke", I wondered if any meaning could be wrung from them. Sure enough, a while later, this nasty number came swimming up from my subconscious.

a little girl's hymen i did stroke
I was so ungentle, it broke
so with my dick, i did poke
virgin pussies are tight, no joke

daily, the furnace beneath i thus stoke
after the deed, a mandatory smoke
if it was really good, i do some coke

thus, the virtue of the devil i invoke
the will of god, i thus revoke
from this evil dream called life, none woke
upon our necks, this sacred yoke
so foul, upon our own breaths we choke

So the next time any of you wonders what my alias means, there you go.

p.s. Yes, kitten, it was devoid of rhythm and whatever. No, I don't fucking care. Get off my case. HAHAHA.
I don't care, either. I already knew long ago that you couldn't write poetry. HA.
it could be freeverse, the predominant poetry form of the 20th century.

- Evil Canadian
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