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Friday, July 28, 2006
More stupidity from the Land of Dumb

And the saga continues . . .

celia said...

Naaaaa, another comment for ur blog update...

i might or might not post more lerr...try stalked me 24 hours here la ok..wuahahahahaha

With no reply from me nor from anyone else, the benighted moron posted this on Celle's blog. Still talking to itself, as you can see. It flatters itself, because while it was posting this, I was out having beer.

In reply to its ravings, Celle said this.

celia: Oh mangg.. I am lost.. I really dunno whats going on here!!!!!!!!!!

i really dun!!!

They are all my friends lah.. I met JOel just becoz we were invited to the same movie press screening lah.

I am not on anyone's side and I really dunno whats going on!

Haha.. I dunno who flame who.. who bash who.. i really dun have any idea babeee

Note the open declaration that Joel and I are both friends of hers. But did the creature take heed? Noooooo. For it responds with more idiotic verbal diarrhea.

celly babes..hehehehe ur soo sweet...nvm i also dunno wats going on ler

No shit, Sherlock? One suspects that not knowing what's going on is a pretty normal state of mind for it.

all i know is tat tis thing called donut/donaq/adrian keep bashing xiaxue's fan on his blog, stalking me on ur blog here and posting it up on his blog, i dunno wat he is trying to achieve also..perhaps he thinks rambutan gonna fund his legal fees, coz bashing/stalking and tok so much powderfull english on his blog is no use ler, i still live good, eat good and every day is a new day for me...unless he can give me lawyer's letter which is impossible coz donut is fucking baggar, his blogs are plastered with that "donate to me" thingy..hahahahahahahahaahahaha

I have been commenting on Celle's blog for more than a year now and I have partied with the lady herself, yet this idiot accuses me of stalking it? If irony were strawberries, I'd be swimming in smoothies. And of course it doesn't understand what I am trying to achieve. Can a cockroach understand why a human squashes it? As for the dig about my financial situation, even if I were indeed impoverished, I could always say this to it.

I'm poor. You're stupid. I can make more money.

Every day is a new day for it? Seriously, what an utterly spastic thing to say. Which day isn't a new day for every single person, animal and plant in the whole world?

donut, lei tin ngo jung mei tin ler, sei pok kai chau ngo, juz becoz ur fucking baggar and so called programmer, think urself so good in computer so can start abused being pests on ppl's blog (xiaxue's, rambutan & celly), go fuck urself la so hai


Then, another friend of Celle's commented.

alex said...

wah raoz, char bor, tis celia on ur brog sibeh bo liaoz. hahahaa...

Not realising that it had no ground to stand on, the idiot replied with primitive dung-throwing, as is its wont.

alex, wat u toking abt i am boh liaoz? i have been vocal-fucked by donut & rambutan juz becoz they wanna cover blinkymonkey evil deed as if she is the innocent sweet old spinster in the school uniforms and u called me boh liaoz? u go fuck urself or get a life la

It's like the goddamned Duracell (or was it Energizer?) bunny. It just keeps going and going, without rhyme or reason or even plausible cause. After I posted another comment replying to Celle and totally ignoring it, the idiot left yet another of its literary dung heaps. Let me point out that none of its comments were relevant to the post. Seriously, what sort of 'tard would go screw up the comment section of a blog belonging to someone it claims friendship for? Not only that, insult the blog owner's friends into the bargain? A total asshole, that's what.

donut, use ur fucking brain la,

Look who's talking.

ofcos xiaxue, celly or sandra wont dare to said anything...dun u know wat kinda psycho daliumang tat blinkeymonkey is?sg small small oni, these good girls fear for their lives, u know or not?

Curiously, in none of my comments (save one, and then in a jovially derogatory manner), either in Joel's blog or in Celle's blog, have I even mentioned, let alone defended, BM. BM is quite capable of speaking for herself, and I am definitely not some primary school kid who hates all his friends' enemies. Instead, I choose to make my war on stupidity, as I always have.

u keep calling ppl idiot but simple things like this u cannot figure out, go fuck urself la

Heheheheh, this is just too funny.

scarly the monkey go crasy, xiaxue, celly or sandra might get chopped up and nobody even know wat happend also...once bitten twice shy u got it?if u claimed to be celly's frens, u shud understand and neednt ask more..

Well, I don't actually need to claim it. Celle has already said so herself, hasn't she now? Furthermore, I have not mentioned the chicks' beef with each other, nor do I care about it. It's the moronic fans who have been so obsessed about it all along. Neither BM, Xiaxue, Celle or Sandralicious are still talking about it, so just get over it already, for chrissake.
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