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Tuesday, April 06, 2004
Reality TV and dissing a fan

What's with TV shows nowadays? Don't people already get enough of reality by living it? I mean, what's the fucking point? You come home from a long, tiring day of conniving, backstabbing, politicking, deceit, cynicism and ambition so that you can watch... more conniving, backstabbing, etc? Besides, shows like "The Bachelor" are fucking degrading for the participants. You have this guy whom all the fucking girls are fighting over, and it's not even for love. It's in the name of entertainment. How are the girls who join such contests different from prostitutes? Why don't they just film a porno instead? It would at least be more honest. The guy gets to choose who he wants to fuck and the show is the pimp.

Then, there's "Fear Factor", which reminds me of this episode of South Park where Kenny eats his own puke for money and gets his own show for it. I mean, eating worms and all that other shit doesn't prove your courage, you fucking morons. Anyone can do that shit, if they have enough motivation to. It just shows how low you're willing to stoop to get money. Is that entertainment nowadays? Does it really fucking amuse anyone to see people trying to swallow what would make any rational person puke? Why not have them run headlong at brick walls instead? Or have them do the "Die Hard" stunt where Bruce Willis stands in an area occupied predominantly by blacks with a card that says "I hate niggers" on his chest? Then we'll see how brave (stupid) they really are.

I think the people who run the media are starting to panic because there are only so many boybands you can insult the public's intelligence with before the public catches on. Sales are plunging, and cheap sensationalism is the best idea these fucking geniuses can come up with to patch their sinking boat. Come the fuck on, how long do you think people will be interested in watching other people eat maggots? On top of that, you're suing your customers. Smart move there, guys. My hat's off to you. You target the fucking demographic that has the least brains and money (teenagers), and you're surprised when they steal from you. Then you sue them, killing off any fucking goodwill they might have had towards you, thereby ensuring that they will not patronise you when they do have money (i.e. when they start to get jobs in future, you fucking idiots). Are you starting to get the fucking picture yet? You're digging your own graves.

Oh, ok, my first fan replied, by the way:

"So much animosity....I thought I had something more clever to say, but really, I just kept running the heated comments over and over in my head. I realized how much I hate it when people exchange insults back at each other when they don't even know each other. That's really all I have to say. But that's just my humble opinion."

Uh, ok, Sandra. Thanks for the input! =)

Psyche. Really, Sandra, or whatever the fuck your name is, what response did you expect to get from me? Maybe you're right, maybe the animosity was uncalled for. After all, it's not like you visited my blog uninvited and dissed me for my own personal opinions about the world which did not concern you at all - oh, wait... that's exactly what happened. Come the fuck on, did I go seek you out and force you to read my blog? Nope. Did I say on my blog that you, Sandra, were who I'm talking about? Nope. Did I even mention any names of any people whom you possibly knew or admired? Nope. And yet I get this comment, on my own blog, telling me that I'm a loser and that my blog sucks.

What did you seriously expect my response to be? Turn the other cheek? In my experience, that just gets you slapped again. So after I retaliated, you come back complaining about animosity as if it's my fucking fault? Boo fucking hoo, I'm so fucking sorry. You thought you had something clever to say? I seriously doubt that. You hate it when strangers insult each other? How the fuck does your brain work? Where do you come in acting all understanding and martyred? You came here, of your own accord, with a fucking attitude, calling me a fucking loser without provocation, you stupid bitch. Now you expect me to, what? Apologise for my animosity? Jeez, why don't you go fuck your imaginary boyfriend or something?

I hate fucking stupid bimbo bitches
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