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Thursday, November 25, 2004
Genocide rocks.

Genocide is fucking cool. Ask any militant third world dictator. Ask any ancient conqueror. Dislike a certain group of people? No problem. Exterminate them like the fucking vermin that they all are. Take their land and populate it with your own people. After all, they're not really human. Not in the way that you are, anyway. I mean, even God approves of genocide. Look at Joshua and the Israelite invasion of Caanan. Every man, woman and child in thirty-two cities massacred under the express orders of God. You just have to love that. Yes, the Old Testament kicks so much ass. God was one badass motherfucker in those days, before His son got put in charge of PR and turned the whole enterprise around. What the fuck happened to all the good bits? The ones with the smiting and ravishing? Now it's all stuff like "be nice", "love thy neighbour" and "ooh, I broke a nail".

Gone are the days when men were real men and could say things like, "I want this, and if you don't give it to me, I'll kill you", and no one would think the worse of him for it. Think about it, though. You think you're standing on earth? On soil? No, you stand on the bones of all the people your ancestors murdered for their land. The ground on which you stand is literally stained with the blood of countless innocent lives, taken by your ancestors in their greed and relentless lust for power. That's the way the world is. Have times really changed at all? Of course not. You fucking headcounts are much more of pussies these days, so it takes more skillful PR to keep you sedated, that's all.

What do I mean by that? I mean that in the past, when people were honest, conquest could be carried out without so many excuses being made. The ancients knew what they were doing when they made war out to be an honourable and glorious pursuit. In many ways, their legacy has stayed with us. I mean, look at the heroes you worship from the past. Alexander the Great. Heracles. Odysseus. Badang. Guan Yu. Gilgamesh. These are just off the top of my head. Sure, now you fucking lemmings all insist that it was the things they fought for that make you revere them, but you can't deny the fact that our heroes all fought. All the honour and bullshit were, I suspect, added on later, for it is always the winners who write history. Basically though, heroes were always just people who could fight and win, no matter what delusions you sheep dream up for you to feel good about yourselves.

So, why do I say that times haven't changed? In the past, when a leader wanted a war (usually for land or riches), he used patriotism and the glory and honour to be gained from war to rally the lemmings behind him. Nowadays, however, the poets, philosophers and journalists have fucked up the whole show by telling you headcounts that people actually die when you kill them and that dead people actually stay dead. Because you fuckers are pussies, you go all soft and teary when you think about all the people who could die because of your greed and decide that war is no longer glorious nor honourable. So are your leaders going to not get their riches just because you lemmings have gone limp on them? Fuck, no. Happily, patriotism still seems to be a value dear to you schmucks, so that's still used pretty often.

Look at recent events for example. After the 9/11 incident, it was decided that Osama was responsible and Afghanistan got the fucking shit bombed out of it. Leaving aside the issue of how probably more innocent Afghanistan citizens died than innocent American ones (innocent people die when you drop bombs from airplanes), am I the only one who doesn't see how bombing the shit out of some poor country could possibly help the US find Osama and his henchmen? Ok, I suppose lashing out in blind rage is understandable when someone has just smacked you, so we'll let that pass. Then, while the American lemmings were still in a righteous rage over 9/11, Iraq got the fucking shit bombed out of it as well. What the fuck? Apparently it was because they were in league with the terrorists and also harbouring invisible pink weapons of mass destruction. Which until now, no one has found (for those sarcasm-challenged people out there). No one has found Osama yet, either. So the net result of bombing the fucking shit out of two fucking countries was . . . Bush and company have more oil now. And he still got re-elected. What a guy. I swear, Dubya is my hero. I mean, that should be the way, right? You want something other people are in possession of, you exaggerate, cheat and even lie outright, but you get your people to kill them. Right? Patriotism kicks ass. War kicks ass. Genocide kicks mega ass.
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