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Tuesday, January 25, 2005
I open a can of whoop-ass.

I just noticed this gem on Ivan's blog.

The thought of the nerds at Science throwing a bash is almost criminal. Hell, make that Engineering as well. Science and Engineering people should just perish all thought of ever striving to portray a cheap imitation of that image of coolness that Arts and Bizad students naturally possess, and continue mugging in the library. Oh, and for good measure, Dentistry, Medicine and Pharmacy students shouldn't throw bashes too. (OK, I think I've managed to piss off Teck Soon, Beng Wee and Yonghe all at one go)

I nearly laughed my head off. It's a good thing we, the not "cool" (whatever that means) are generally smarter than you chumps in arts and business. It's a good thing for you morons too, because the chemicals that you idiots slather all over your ridiculous hair to keep it in place and also to wash and maintain it? We invented that shit. The buildings you "cool" fools club in? We invented that shit. The technology (CDs, strobe lights, sound amplification, etc) that makes it possible for the concept of clubbing to exist? We invented that shit. The vehicles you imbeciles return home in after drinking your sodding selves into a drunken stupor? We invented that shit. The processes that create the poisons you cretins use to destroy your livers? We invented that shit. And finally, the internet, along with the assorted software and hardware with which you wastrels inflict your worthless opinions on clubbing on the rest of the world? We invented that shit, too. Without us "nerds", you dumb fucks would still be dancing around fires in the woods and scratching out charcoal paintings in the caves, you unjustifiably smug retarded sons of bitches.

(Sorry, Ivan. You really did ask for this one. *snigger*)
hahaha...that's a very good retort...Btw, i linked you to my blog... www.debbie.stars-biz.com
Ha. Yeah yeah...

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