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Monday, December 20, 2004
Sycophants suck. Sycophants suck. Sycophants suck.

I forgot to mention something significant about my "The Magic Of Voice" class. My classmates are such disgusting sycophants that one of them actually suggested buying flowers and a cake for our teacher. And the whole class actually agreed to chip in. What the fuck is this shit? I don't care how nice a teacher, or any other figure of authority, for that matter, is, you don't suck up to them without having me despise you for the rest of your life. Naturally, I told the perpetrator of this misdeed exactly what I thought of him and his stupid idea. On the day when the flowers and cake were presented, the class actually explicitly mentioned him as the originator of the idea, as if it was actually something commendable. Fuck, I hate them.

I chipped in, of course, because if there's one thing I'm not, it's a tightwad, but I still despise the idea, the guy who came up with it, and the class who agreed with it. I think the guy probably suffers from a lack of love and acceptance at home or something. This type of shit is just trying too fucking hard. Sadly, most of the people in my class were cast from exactly the same fucking mould. Am I the only person who still thinks that sucking up to people in positions of authority is disgusting? I slipped out of the class while the cake was being cut, of course. The poor, dumb teacher probably sees it as a sweet gesture (she really is rather nice, but whatever). Dumb broad. It's not a nice gesture, it's disgusting. Thinking about it still makes me nauseous. God, I hate brownnosers.

By the way, the person who commented on my previous post (bullseye) is not my pal. You can tell this by the simple fact that all my pals are intelligent enough to work the capslock keys on their fucking keyboards. He's right about one thing, though. I do write a great blog.
Happy Belated Birthday , Dude ! ... It's always a difficult act not to puke during one's birthday , when birthday boy is a friend of alcohol and alcohol's friends are his too , celebrating for him .Keep up the good job ... but you won't be as lucky on your next birthday :)

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