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Sunday, December 19, 2004
My birthday.

In a stunning break with seven years of tradition, I actually managed to not puke during my birthday celebrations. Yes, despite the evil intentions of my, for lack of a better word, friends, I managed to get home and fall asleep before losing my dinner. Up yours, you assholes!

Seriously, though, I would like to say thanks to all those friends who helped celebrate my birthday last night, even though not all of them read my blog (yes, some of them have no taste). I had actually already resigned myself to not celebrating my birthday this year and spending a boring evening at home due to a lack of finances. A little bit of explanation here. Within my circle of friends, there is a sort of unspoken rule that on your birthday, your friends give you presents and you buy them dinner or drinks. So being broke this year, I was considering not celebrating my birthday at all. At the last minute, though, my friends came through. They got me a nice present, wined and dined me at Altivo followed by that fantastic dim sum at Desker Road. Of course, I was in no condition to actually eat when we reached Desker, but what the heck, it was a nice birthday celebration anyway. Man, I know I seldom say this type of shit (in fact, never), and I must still be half-drunk or something, but I love my friends. Yes, even you, Injenue, you asshole. So, anyway, a big thank-you to Alexius, T-Rex, Boss, Gladys, Injenue, Icebreeze and Bozo(?). Ok, some of you I don't even know, but thanks anyway.

Also, thanks to my mum too, who gave me some money so I didn't actually go out totally penniless.

It's not even over yet. Today, the feisty bitch is celebrating my birthday with me alone. Truly, my cup runneth over. I seldom blog about my personal life, so I may remove this post later when I'm not still half asleep, so laugh it up while it's still here, motherfuckers.
Haha... so you haven't deleted this post yet. Happy birthday dude.

thanks dude.
the only reason you didn't puke was because you refused to drink anymore. there was no lack of alcohol is you would only drink LoL. so no excuse for not puking =p i have the pics to prove it wahaha.. but i'm nice i won't post them :)
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