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Monday, December 06, 2004
Fags and faggots.

Why are girls always trying to fucking change their boyfriends and make them do shit they don't want to do? For example, if a bloke smokes, once he gets a girlfriend, the bitch almost invariably tries to get him to quit smoking at some point. Then, of course, the whole relationship turns into a fucking guerilla war where the guy smokes on the sly and shit (if he's a fucking wuss). What the fuck happened to taking the bad with the good? So you think it's for his own good. Big fucking deal. When we want the remote, it's for your own good too, because the only stuff you want to watch is full of bullshit. When we tell you to shut the fuck up, it's for your own good, because you're a vapid bitch.

Do we tell you to go for boob jobs because your tits are too small? Do we tell you to go for cosmetic surgery because you have a face even a mother couldn't love? No, because we respect your choice. If you can look into the mirror without puking all over the fucking floor, so be it. We'll just put a paper bag over your heads when we're porking you. Why can't you do your bloke the same courtesy? So we run the risk of getting cancer, but we run the risk of getting AIDS when we bang your ugly tail, don't we?

Seriously, though, nothing is without risk. If you eat fatty food, you run the risk of heart disease. If you drink alcohol, you run the risk of destroying your liver. If you go out of your home, you run the risk of getting mugged, shot, run over, etc. If you stay home, you run the risk of choking on your food, getting electrocuted, getting poisoned, falling to your death, etc. If you breathe, you run the risk of falling ill. If you live, you run the risk of dying. The only way to get rid of risk is to die. Life is risk, bitches. So if your boyfriend thinks the pleasure of smoking is worth the risk of cancer, why stand in his way? Sooner or later, we all die. No one gets out of this life alive. Do you think your boyfriend is somehow so stupid as to be unaware of the risks of smoking? Is he a fucking moron? If the answer is no, respect his fucking decision, for chrissake. He's not a fucking baby and doesn't need others to make his decisions for him. What are you, his mother?

Fag on.

I just watched Alexander. Surprisingly, they actually portrayed Alexander as a bisexual. I figured that they would have gone the safe route like Troy and not mentioned that Hephaestion was Alexander's lover (they omitted the part about Patroclus being Achilles' lover in Troy). However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Hollywood actually got at least one thing right in a historically-based movie. Alexander the movie actually wasn't totally bullshit pulled out of the producer's ass. This is a big step for Hollywood, and I can hardly contain my excitement. It's like watching apes use tools for the fucking first time.

So anyway, about homosexuals and their enemies. Why the fuck do they have enemies? Why the fuck do these people care what other people do with their genitals? And why the fuck are they actually treated seriously by others? I mean, if someone were straight and I interfered with who he/she was fucking, I'd be a voyeur at best and at worst, a pervert. With gays, however, the fucking government passes laws prohibiting gay marriage? What the fuck is this shit? It's all crap as far as I can see.

I think it's probably natural that heterosexuals find homosexuals repulsive. It's like how the thought of having sex with a female would probably be repulsive to a male homosexual. I've seen gay porn and although it did not excite me, it did not particularly repel me either, probably because I've seen fecal fetish porn. Anyway, I digress. Whether we are born with our sexual orientations or whether it is the result of our experiences in life, the fact is that gay bashers should get over their fucking selves. How the fuck would you feel if someone tried to force you to become gay? I know exactly how it feels because I have had gay men try to "convert" me before. If you've had a similar experience, then imagine having to endure that every single fucking day, because that's what gays have to deal with.

Let's just fuck whoever the fuck we want to fuck and fucking leave other people the fuck alone, shall we?
There will always be people who enjoy poking their noses into other people's businesses.
Another good entry ... right on the spot ! I did endure the 1st scenerio b4 ... and I finally chose smoking and let her pick a nerd . Retribution !!! She is now force to smoke that nerd's Dxxx , be it she like it or not .
As for the gays ... give them some breathing space they deserve !
Another good entry ... right on the spot ! I did endure the 1st scenerio b4 ... and I finally chose smoking and let her pick a nerd . Retribution !!! She is now force to smoke that nerd's Dxxx , be it she like it or not .
As for the gays ... give them some breathing space they deserve !

Is from me : Kita
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