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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Today's issue of Today, which I read today, had a stupid little twit who wrote in to request that the government implement a law that made it mandatory for everyone to contribute 10% of their earnings to their parents.

I don't know, I somehow get the feeling that person is a member of City Harvest or something, because isn't that what they do? I kid, I kid. Seriously, though, it was the most stupid and narrow-minded piece of shit I've ever read. I can already hear some of you idiots protesting that it is not stupid to campaign for filial piety. Bullshit, and fuck you deep if you happen to be one of those idiots. Before I continue, here's the article. I'm not sure the link's gonna still be good tomorrow, so I've pasted the article here.

Letter from TR SITRA DEVI

It will ease Govt’s problem of looking out for elderly.

MAY I suggest that the Government legislate that all working persons must contribute 10 per cent or a minimum of $200 of their salary to their parents? Just like CPF deductions or deductions for self-help groups, this percentage of a working person’s salary should be deducted every month and transferred into their parents’ account.

A governing body could be set up to manage and handle queries pertaining to these deductions, which should be tax deductible. Yes, it might not sound right to force people to pay their parents, but they should have been giving some money to their parents anyway. If they had, we would not see so many old people struggling to make a living. After retirement, a couple with two children will receive at least $400 from them, and added to their CPF, this should be enough for their basic needs.

This new ruling will not upset those already contributing to their parents. There should be no excuse that one’s income is not sufficient for him/herself, as 10 per cent is not too much to give to your own parents, who have given you so much more than that. One reason why Singaporeans don’t have many children is because they don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

But with this new ruling, the more children the merrier. One need not worry about old age. In the old days, this was why couples had more children. But then, children supported their parents without being told — nowadays, children have become self-centred and selfish. Overall, there is nothing to lose, as it will ease the Government’s problem of looking out for the elderly. And with fewer old people in the workforce, young people will have more job vacancies.

Crap, crap, mega-crap. Why "should" we have been giving our parents money anyway? What kind of retarded nonsense is this? And why does this moron assume that our parents have given us "so much more"? This has all the earmarks of a rant from a pompous, self-righteous, sheltered brat who has lived in a perfect world all her life. Has it never occurred to her that some of us may hate our parents? Has it not occurred to her that some of our parents were abusive? Has it not occurred to her that some of our childhoods were less than perfect? Has it not occurred to her that some of us had to beg, borrow, steal and sell our asses to finance our own educations? Has she even considered the fact that some of us came from broken families? Of course not.

This idiot was probably very pleased with herself for coming up with her perfect plan in her ivory tower of ignorance. Fuck her and all her ilk. I really wish some people would stop thinking with their asses before talking.
she should mind her own business. self-righteous people like that think they know whats best for others. shes prolly just suggesting this lame policy to get her children to finance her gambling habits.
I think all stupid people should pay 10% of their income to the smart ones (me!), for having to tolerate their stupidity
If giving $ to our own parent have to be force into by Laws & Rules ... and not through our will , or in worst cases the children have to suffer due to such contributions , I think most parents would not accept the $ ... definitely not my parent .
By the way , the one suggesting this will definitely be despise by his/her own children , taking $ more important than the problems their children might face in economy down time . ~ Kita
That writer is a moron.

It's a sad day for filial piety should we need to have laws to make us support our parents in old age.

What about people who have severed ties from their families out of unhappiness? And besides, in such a system, the kids can give mom and pop their 10%, yet still treat them like shit.
As if it isn't enough that we have to pay 20% of our disposable income to our government for CPF, another 20% for income tax, now this asshole comes up with the idea of giving another 10% away to our parents. Obviously there's nothing wrong with giving money to your parents, but to be forced by law to give them money, well, this country is going straight to hell. I think this dumbo's got too much money to burn.

Wow, and I thought I would get flamed for this. But then again, I should have known that anyone reading my blog must possess a certain level of intelligence.

Vanity, thy name is Adrian.
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