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Monday, February 14, 2005
Happy Valentine's Day. God Bless Us, Everyone!

Holy mother of fuck, how the fuck does this email blogging shit work? I only ever got one testing post through. What the fuck?

Anyway, about Valentine's Day. Agagooga wrote a rather good article about it. Of course, he could have been less delicate about it. Actually, I think the whole idea of love is silly and hence probably thought up by some dumb broad. Probably a blond. Man, girls are so stupid. The natural inclination of men is to screw around. If only you stupid chicks would accept that fact, there would be no "cheating" in the world, because it would be perfectly acceptable for men to sleep around. Imagine, never having to wonder if your man is sleeping with someone else ever again because you already know he is. Good thought, isn't it? Indeed, women are fucking sluts and whores by nature as well. All we'd have to do would be to find cures for all the STDs going around today, and it would be paradise.

It would be hedonistic paradise. Maybe this whole love thing made sense way back in the distant past, when the superior physical strength of men made it a necessity for puny chicks to net one in order to have someone to provide for the brats. Now, it's just an outdated custom. Chicks can earn just as much as men. More if their occupation happens to be that of strippers or prostitutes, and let's face it, all chicks, either explicitly or implicitly, whore themselves for stuff. So, it actually makes no sense for girls to insist on monogamy, since they're all whores and whores need customers, so the more males committed to monogamous relationships there are, the less customers whores have.

I mean, come the fuck on. You girls cheat just as much as us guys these days, so why not forget all that hypocritical bullshit? Then you wouldn't have to sneak around when you wanted to ride some fat dick you happened to see in the streets. Don't think we don't know all the lewd thoughts going through your bitchy little brains. Yes, let's turn this world into a huge orgy now. You can make a difference today! Fuckfest 2005 awaits. You want to ride us, we want to pork you.

Even if you believe in the concept of love, so what? Is love such a weak emotion that it can be threatened by a purely physical interaction between two consenting individuals? Hell, no. If anything, polygamy should spice up your love lives. Imagine bringing home one or two more blokes and getting all their dicks in you at the same time. You know you want it. Go on and do it. Now. There's nothing a man would like to see more than his girl getting rammed in the ass by her guy friend while he blows his load on her face. So add colour to your love lives now, even if it is a milky white. Practise polygamy. And sodomy. And fellatio. Not cunnilingus, though, because you whores stink.

Happy Valentine's Day to all the brave sluts who aren't afraid to be themselves and who fuck men on camera for the pleasure of everyone else. Porn stars are the finest females, both inside and outside (and inside and outside, and inside and outside, and inside and outside . . . ), who have ever lived.

Before anyone accuses me of misogyny, please check up the dictionary. I don't hate women, I just objectify them.
As it is my editor already screwed me for being undiplomatic :P
no worries, mate. i think i've managed to help you express your innermost thoughts, haha.
"I don't hate women, I just objectify them.  "

I'm not ashamed to say, me too! :)
The thing about women is (ok, maybe just me lah, 'cause most girls I know are trying very hard to maintain this pure demure shu nu image), we don't mind cheating. IF our bf cheats on us, we're more than happy to fuck around too. I mean, this is the era of sexual liberation after all.

What prevents us from actually screwing around is the goddamned double standards society imposes on us. If a guy fucks around, he must be a handsome stud who's really hung and really good in bed. If a girl fucks around, she's a slut who's got an itchy cunt. Sexual liberty, my ass.
Oh, and cunnilingus is cool. Maybe you think all women stink because the ones you gave it to didn't practise proper hygiene. I assure you, there ARE women out there who actually clean themselves down there. If you think they stink and they're dirty, well, that's the point of cunnilingus, you clean them out with your tongue! LOL~
LOL. Oh well, if only we could be as sexually extravagant as chimpanzees. Or dolphins. Ha.
Yeah, once you see them as mere outlets to vent your sexual tension on, life becomes much simpler, doesn't it? >=)

As I have just iterated, I have only respect for women who aren't afraid to be the sluts that they really are. Unlike the rest of society, I attach no negative connotation to the words "slut", or, indeed, "whore". If you're desirable enough to make a living fucking people, all power to you and what's your number? ;)

Anyway, even clean pussies smell like musk, and personally, I think musk stinks.

Ivan: All it takes is an effort of will, my friend.
i have to agree with this =) LOL
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