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Tuesday, March 15, 2005
Adrian Links The Big Fuck

I was just trawling around aimlessly on the Wild Wild Web when I came across this fucking hilarious blog. Trust me, if you like my blog, you should love the blog of the big fuck. Why? Because he is really damned big fuck lah! Don't waste your time, go see it already.
Heh. I got linked too. So by association with the BIG FUCK, my coolness has just slipped up a notch. I'll be waiting for the groupies. The day shall come when I can openly declare war against Miss Wendy and let my fans flame hers. Mwahahaha.
So, here's the funny thing. The name of your post was about your own narcassism. Ironically, here is the answer to how I found your site on google...I was googling myself. How's that for awesome?

In regards to your earlier post this week, feel free to link me. Actually, I heartily encourage it. Unless, of course, you really do want to keep me all to yourself. In which case, go hard. (Hmm, I probably couldn't have phrased that differently. But that wouldn't have been quite as fun, now would it?)
-Jess, of "I Enjoy Being a Slut"
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