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Sunday, March 13, 2005
Cab-Grabbin' And Ensuing Chaos.

Check out the latest fiasco going on at Xiaxue's blog if you're really bored. Or not. For the sake of you humble readers, and also because I'm just that great a guy, I have taken the trouble to read her post, the comments on them and all the related links and I shall summarise the whole affair here.

Apparently, some acne-ridden teen and her boyfriend snatched Xiaxue's cab. Xiaxue stopped the cab by taking the ridiculous risk of standing in front of the cab. (I mean, seriously, what the fuck?) Xiaxue then proceeded to open the cab door in order to give the unfortunate couple a piece of her mind. The boyfriend, who looks vaguely like someone I used to beat up at school, apparently closed the door out of fear (what a wuss), and the cab subsequently drove off. When the vapid young airhead got home, she proceeded to whine on some stupid forum (do not go there, humble readers, because it is haunted by The Ghost Of Bad English and The Spirit Of Incoherent Thought) about how Xiaxue terrorised the both of them.

Xiaxue, being the sort of siao char bor who would step in front of a moving cab to make a point, freaking lost it and wrote a blog post relating her side of the story in response. Furthermore, she took the trouble to dig up all sorts of information about her antagonist, including her phone number. Miss Wendy aka Xiaxue also read through the stupid bimbo's entire blog. Imagine reading through an entire blog filled with "~"s at the end of every sentence! If that's not patience, I don't know what is. Now, if only she'd apply that patience to waiting for cabs . . . but I digress. Xiaxue, in her post, also threatened to disclose the vapid airhead's mobile number if she failed to apologise. The thread in aforementioned stupid forum has since been shut down.

I must clarify that this is really none of my business and since I am an extremely selfish person, I am supremely indifferent as to who "wins" or "loses" this conflict. My thoughts on arguing on the internet may be succintly expressed by the following picture.

I will, however, deign to mention that, for all her faults, Xiaxue is far from stupid, while the other chick just seems like a typical Singaporean vapid Taiwanese-wannabe kawaii-poseur-whore, which I absolutely detest. Also, reading what she posts makes me want to stick a fork into my left eye and dig out my brain. So, if forced to take a stand, I will find myself leaning vaguely in the general direction of Xiaxue's side of the fence. That said, I also note that in spite of Xiaxue's ire at being called fat, it was actually some other idiot (and not the original antagonist) on the forum going by the nick SinneD (every Dennis with no originality uses that moniker) who called Xiaxue a fatso first. The vapid teen's original post simply complained about Xiaxue stopping their cab (true), opening their door (also true) and giving them a "stupid face" (stupidity is relative). It was the other busybodies in the forum who fanned the flames. Furthermore, I disagree that Xiaxue using her blog vindictively against the people she dislikes is wrong. I mean, what's the point of having fame and power otherwise? If you have the power, use it to reward those you love and, more importantly, crush those you hate. And that is all I will say on the subject.

Now, back to the main point, namely, the people who commented on Xiaxue's blog. They can mostly be roughly divided into three categories.

I) Dumb supporters
II) Dumb trolls
III) Dumb fuck

Let's go through them in order, shall we?

Cat I:
These are the hordes of panting, unthinking, unwashed zombies who shuffle around with vacant eyes and even more vacant minds, moaning, "Xiaaaxuuueeee . . . " over and over again. They are unceasing in their devotion and the worship of their goddess in pink. To them, any product of her fingers and her keyboard is the gospel truth and hence beyond contestation.

Like the fanatical members of any other religious cult, they do not tolerate opposition and seem unable to comprehend the concept of atheism. Of course, how could anyone be atheist in the face of all the obvious evidence that Xiaxue exists? And how could anyone deny that She's all-knowing and all-powerful? Her blog says so. Her blog also proves She exists and since Her blog is right about one thing, it must be right about everything else (QED)!

These people will rabidly defend anything their object of worship does, against any form of perceived opposition. You can see much the same phenomenon amongst the fans of Maddox, except that his fans are, if possible, even dumber than Xiaxue's fans, because unlike Xiaxue, Maddox openly insults his fans and calls them idiots, but somehow, each and every single one of them manages to convince themselves that they're not the one he's referring to.

Cat II
These are the hordes of panting, unthinking, unwashed zombies who shuffle around with vacant eyes and even more vacant minds, moaning, "Xiaaaxuuueeee baaaad . . . " over and over again. The flip side of the same coin as Cat I, both sides would realise that they actually had a lot in common if they would only learn to look beyond such trivial issues as who they're siding with. These people do not realise that by reading Xiaxue's blog, they are actually adding to its popularity. They do not realise that by posting comments on her blog, they are also adding to its popularity.

Words somehow fail me at this point. I cannot begin to comprehend the reasoning behind regularly reading a blog you actively dislike.

(And finally, we come to my favourite category, without whom I would never have written this post.)

The dumb fuck. Note that while the other categories are all plural, this category is singular. Yes, I am referring to one person in particular. For reasons of my own, I shall not name that person. If you, the humble reader, should find that the shoe fits, feel free to prove me right (that you are a dumbfuck) by replying.

See, recently, I've noticed that dumb fuck has been posting supercilious and contemptuous comments on Xiaxue's blog. The contempt is not directed against Xiaxue herself but against Cat I of her readers. The dumb fuck obviously has a very high opinion of his or her own intelligence, but yet is engaged in a really dumb activity. The bugger keeps accusing Cat I of being conformists, but no one ever really pays any attention to him or her. Ok, I'm switching to calling the bugger "you", because typing "you" is much easier than typing "the dumb fuck".

I mean, seriously, what is the point of doing that? Firstly, your criticism isn't constructive. You do not offer any suggestions. Your criticism is just that. Criticism. No different from standing on the sidelines of a boxing match hurling faeces at the combatants.

Secondly, no one really gives a shit about what you say. You, with all your supposed intelligence, haven't noticed that? When someone actually posts a meaningful comment, you hasten to praise that guy and say that he's courageous or something. Do you not realise that by inference, you're a coward since you didn't say what he said? Even though you supposedly (by your tone) already knew it?

Jeez, there are definitely better ways to spend your time than to repetitively sling your shit at people whom you think are too stupid to have an individual opinion, you silly person. Why don't you go back to your rarefied world where

big words + good memory = intelligence

and stay there with the rest of your "elite" ilk? You'll be happier there, the rest of us will be happier here, so surely you, with your intelligence, can see the utility of such a suggestion? I doubt that your pronouncements of doom based on your observations of the youths of today will have any impact whatsoever on anything at all. Unless, of course, you're actually a fame whore who does this in the hope that more people will read your blog?

Also, I must say that you're almost exactly like every other non-conformist I've ever seen, heheh.

p.s. All three categories exclude Sheena and Ivan, of course, because they're linked on my blog and are hence, by definition, not dumb.

Update: It seems more than one dumb fuck has appeared since I started writing this post. You know, the type who always tries to stand out by being different from the rest who comment? They don't realise that the best way to be different from those who post is to NOT POST. Fucking poseurs.
Heh. I honestly like this post. I went to that ah lian's blog, and felt the exact same way you did... I wanted to burn my eyes out with the nearest possible lighter. And I went to that forum, and gave up trawling through and trying to decipher that abyss of incoherent English and alternate cpas typing after about... 2 pages? And that 2 pages, I swear, took up A LOT of my energy.
I wash my hands of this affair. I do miss the days when Xiaxue's readers were in general more intelligent and more reasonable than now. Almost everyone there is more interested in seeing this escalate into a full-scale war and fanning the flames, instead of seeing some intelligent discourse. Hell, I endured all 18 pages of that thread in that God-awful forum, and at the end of it all, there were indications that the vapid ah lian was willing to apologise and make peace if Xiaxue did so.

Yet all that most of Xiaxue's readers care about is to voice their agenda and opinion; they're just desperate to make their voice heard, desperate for a spot in the limelight for the moment.

2 headstrong girls clash, with both doing some silly things out of anger, and instead of trying to reason, the supporters of both sides seem intent on making sure this issue is never resolved.

Sheesh. I'm outta that place.
Sheena: Yeah, it's a horrible forum. Any Singaporean forum with a Japanese name has a 99.99% chance of being 99.99% filled with drivel.

Ivan: Never get in the way of blind fanaticism, man. Not unless you have the power to kill the fanatics.
Hai~Ren: You must be possesed of infinite patience to go through ALL 18 pages of that forum! How can you still be alive, coherent and intelligible after that?

As for the flame war on XX's blog, I gave up reading the comments after the 50th one or so. It's also quite amusing how some of XX's supporters, who are stoking the flames, are just as ungrammatical, or even more so, than vapid Vabbit and her forum friends.
I think I know who the dumb fuck is... It's Daniel right?

I kind of realised how his comments are either broad sweeping statements condemning all the other commenters, or sycophantic sucking up to people who posted reasonable appeals to sanity. Bah what a parasite.
And Sheena, I was very bored. And trying to put off working on my essay. Besides, I love a conflict, especially when I don't personally know the 2 warring parties.
I shall neither confirm nor refute your conjecture, Ivan, because the bugger has written a complimentary comment on my blog before. But you're sharp. :p
You know what? Since I have the freedom to write anything, I shall post this.
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