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Saturday, March 12, 2005
A Fortuitious Random Link. Thank You, O Great And Mysterious Internet.

All right, I am fucking bored today, as the smarter amongst you headcounts will be able to deduce from the next sentence.

I clicked the "next blog" link (the horror). The last time I did that, I was almost killed by the barrage of balderdash that assailed my eyes. Anyway, I came across an interesting blog. Well, actually, the first post in the blog was yesterday, so it may or may not turn out to be interesting. However, the title was definitely interesting. It read, "I enjoy being a slut." Now, as the more Internet-savvy amongst you probably know, a title like that almost certainly guarantees that the owner of the blog is either

a) fat,
b) ugly,
c) a man,
d) all of the above.

However, this person did post a picture of herself and her friends in SomePlace. Here's what she said, "Blah, Blahblah and I in SomePlace. We all brought the wine, but everyone else forgot their cleavage." The picture showed her, two other chicks, and her (rather nice, I might add) cleavage. Get this: all three of them were smokin'.

Here's the punchline, guys. Out of the pure evil of my black little heart, I am not providing a link for you assholes. That's right, I'm keeping the URL all to myself. MUAHAHAHAHAHA.

(Well, actually, I am doing this out of courtesy, because I have not gotten her permission (nor have I asked for it) to link her, but still, it pleases me to piss you guys off.)

Update: If you think you can find it by googling, think again. What, you think I'm stupid? Heheheheheh.
Tsk tsk. What would the Feisty Bitch do if she knew? *shakes head*
If she can handle me watching porn, I think she'll be ok with me reading some random chick's blog. ;)
She can handle you watching porn?!

One word: RESPECT.

I caught Andy surfing porn several times on both my comp and his own comp, and, well, let's just put it this way. He is now permanently cured of watching porn.

Yeah I'm that kind of jealous, possessive, megalomaniacal woman.
Yes, you should learn from her. :p
No thanks, I like myself just the way I am. This is the ME that's gonna conquer the world, man, how can I chnage myself?

And Andy likes me the way I am too (well actually he hasn't much of a choice, but that's another story).
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