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Monday, March 14, 2005
What search results in sucking and swallowing?

I just took a look at the stats that webcounter.com generated for this blog. Apparently, out of the 57 visitors, 57 were using Winblows. Not very cool.

Then, I checked out the browser stats. 30 were using IE and the other 27 were using Netscape/Mozilla/Firefox. At least you're not a bunch of complete idiots, heh.

Also, where I used to not have a single referral from search engines, I had 12 today. I am nonplussed. What the fuck were those people searching for? So far, the only search term I could think of that actually turns up my blog on google was "donaq". Yes, I can see why that would be a common search term for everyone. Damn, I hate mysteries. I hate work even more than I hate mysteries, though, so this will just have to remain a mystery.

That is all.
I'm using Mozilla!!! IE sucks big time (and it doesn't even swallow, heh).

I'm unfortunately using Windows, because I don't have a Mac. How about buying me one?
Ditto. I'm too poor to get a Mac. =(

IE is horrible. I just introduced my sis to Firefox, and she agrees that it is good, so much better than IE. No more annoying pop-ups and adware, and she loves tabbed browsing.
You know everybody thinks firefox's so good. The reason why it isn't affected by malware and stuff is because the majority of the internet users are still using IE and once firefox's popularity rises to a noticable number, malware developers will start to build malware aimed at them.

And as seen on Wired, few years down the road, firefox-like browsers will no longer be the answer anti-malware experts will tell consumers to use.

Horrible but true, no one will be safe from malware.
I have both installed but I do not like one thing about Firefox. You know for IE when u move your mouse over a link/image, there can be a description of it? Somehow, I can't get that for Firefox. Sure I can click to find out, but for someone like me who browses auctions, it's a hassle.
Sheena and Ivan: I'm not using Mac, but I'm not using Windows either. I'm using Linux! :p

zhi yang: There is truth in what you say, but Firefox is undeniably faster than IE and is also currently more resistant to malware. And hey, hooray tabbed browsing.

The fight against malware is a never-ending one, so I agree that a few years down the road, Firefox-like (as in, the current Firefox) browsers will no longer be an answer to the malware of the future. However, the developers of Firefox will definitely come up with new strategies to deal with future malware, no? So let's just wait and see.

It may be too early to make any predictions, but it seems to me that open-source software has a higher chance of having more holes plugged fast than proprietary software.

Feisty Bitch: Yeah, I've also noticed that Firefox doesn't render some sites as well as IE. Also, it has a lower tolerance for imperfectly coded sites. Coding errors will sometimes result in loss of visual information.
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