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Tuesday, November 29, 2005
Horrifying Conversation

The Evil Canadian always makes me laugh. Even at 4am.

See, right after I made Blinkymummy laugh here, Pieter spoke to me on MSN Messenger. He sent me this link. In a nutshell, some teen in Canada died of an allergy to peanut butter after kissing her boyfriend who had just eaten a peanut butter snack.

The following conversation ensued.

(04:04:23) Pieter: what a cruel cruel world
(04:05:16) Don AQ®: haha
(04:05:18) Don AQ®: yeah that sucks
(04:05:30) Pieter: but hilarious
(04:05:36) Don AQ®: oh yes
(04:05:36) Pieter: I bet he'll have dating issues!
(04:05:46) Don AQ®: lol
(04:05:49) Don AQ®: dude
(04:06:11) Don AQ®: how long is it before you can date after your girlfriend dies?
(04:06:23) Pieter: depends on how hot your date is
(04:06:35) Pieter: I mean, you can't go sleep with ugly girls for at least like 6 months
(04:06:49) Pieter: but if she's really hot, wait a couple of days
(04:06:55) Don AQ®: lol
(04:06:57) Don AQ®: right
(04:07:01) Don AQ®: what if i killed her?
(04:07:13) Pieter: hmmm
(04:07:37) Pieter: you might not wanna say that to your date
(04:07:50) Don AQ®: hahaha ok
(04:11:12) Pieter: wait, did you kiss a girl with peanut allergies or did you stab her and chop her up in bits?
(04:11:26) Don AQ®: what's the difference?
(04:11:39) Pieter: one can be milked for sympathy
(04:12:25) Don AQ®: so if i stabbed my ex and chopped her up, my date might sympathise with me on account of all the effort i put into my past relationship?
(04:12:37) Don AQ®: nice angle, bro
(04:12:38) Pieter: I doubt it
(04:12:43) Pieter: you know how emotional women are
(04:13:00) Don AQ®: well, what if i kept my date in a cage?
(04:13:13) Don AQ®: would that make her more or less sympathetic?
(04:13:28) Pieter: I'm not sure, why don't you try it and get back to me
(04:13:34) Don AQ®: ok dude
(04:14:01) Don AQ®: i'll go kill my current girlfriend and then start dating the chick who's been making eyes at me

So . . . any chicks want a date with yours truly?
Hmm... Kill her already then call me lah, okay? HA.
Riight. I'm just asking for trouble over here because *ahem* women are emotional.
remember to punch out her teeth first.

fcukling: It was a joke! Firstly, I do not have a girlfriend now, and secondly, I'm Don, not a murderer! If I want someone dead, I put a hit on her and my button men shoot her in a drive-by!

anon: GERALD?!
What an interesting way to er... die. Pick me, pick me!
Ha ha. How sick.
dude, i don't post anon comments lar... although the punch her teeth out joke is such an insider thing lmao...
fcukling: Wow, you're very suicidegirls.com.

inj: Yeah, like, who else could it be? Toe or Bu? Hahaha.
i'm the one who posted punch out the teeth. bwhahaha...
Er... no comments...

But wow, that's a very sad way to die... I've heard of soy, banana and peanut allergies, but I never knew one could actually die so quickly from them. Thought they just broke out in rashes or something.
peanut butter..LOL..how about that.
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