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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

It's about a week and a half from paaartaaaay time. Wongcheok has already expressed interest. Who else is on board? Since I haven't miraculously started crapping solid gold (still keeping my fingers crossed about that), nor has anyone contributed anything to the beer fund (glances meaningfully at all of you), we'd better get it right the first time and make sure this paaartaaay is a total blast. That means lotsa crazy fuckers and beautiful babes. I say either Mambo Jambo on a Wednesday or Club Momo on a Saturday. Whose exams are ending when? Leave a comment if you're interested. Let's go boogie and get shitfaced.
Club Momo on Saturday, please? Cos I hate retro shite.
me too. In fact, I'm not too hot on any of the music they play. I'll just be there to get shitfaced!
but those poor minors...
Daniel: Hahahaha don't rub it in for poor lil' Siddy already!
I'm not rubbing it in Sheena; I genuinely feel that we should have another meet-up where all can attend?
but well, we old fogies shall have our fun first ;)
I finish on the 28th... =(
Damn, damn, damn, damn.

Erm. I'm 16, but with a little make up I can look 18?

*bottom lip trembles*
Um, I'm sure I can look 18 as well with a bit of skin!
Where's Club Momo? sounds damn wrong leh haha! paiseh, abit outta touch liaoz.

Are newbies welcomed?
I'm sorry, but this is TOO good not to plug...
(the latest post)

I know she's not in LEWD and all..but this is brilliant!

Anyway, it's up to your discretion la :D
Daniel: Hey, cool idea that. Yeah I think I'd prefer a meet-up where EVERYONE can attend. Anyway even if we don't do it this time I intend to at the end of the year or beginning of next year before I leave.
Exams? What's that?
Count me in for Momo, bro!
*Wonders why the Don himself, is strangely silent*
I've been way busy, people. Being a godlike DotA player takes practise and all.
I would, if I were not working on that day.
i replied you, didnt i? shite i cant remember man

msn me at letterkill@hotmail yo.
20 something of May, can't really recall. Yeah interested
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