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Thursday, November 10, 2005
SingaBlogger: The Biggest Douche Bag In The Universe

Ok, I don't exactly follow the involuted twists and turns of the perpetual flame fest that is Blinkymummy's blog, even though she's a good friend of mine. Before you even ask, no I'm not her "good friend". That honour, and misfortune (please-don't-hurt-me-I-want-to-live, heheheh), belongs to another guy. Anyway, back to the topic. As I was saying, I do read her blog, but I do not read the comments, because most of the people who comment on her blog are fucking idiots, whether they're "supporters" or, you know, the other kind. If you're a frequent commenter on her blog and this pisses you off, congratulations, you're exactly who I'm talking about.

So today I read this post on her blog. Seriously, what the fuck? Blinkymummy jio meng someone from the internet?! This is so fucking funny. Needless to say, I read the comments on that post, and saw in particular this comment. Because I know that you people are a bunch of lazy fuckers who can't be bothered to click the link, I shall post the relevant part of the comment here.

BM, I also would like to meet you. But, 我实在有难言之隐 that make me don't want to meet you, and no amount of 激将法 by your supporter can change it. However, I think it is you who feel too "strongly towards an online persona".

When your blog allowed anonymous comments, there were scores of people scolding you (There were indeed scores, because I know for myself that I did not masquerade under different nicks). Now that your blog no longer allows anonymous commenting, most of these people can't be bothered to comment anymore because they probably do not have a blogger account. I happen to still comment because I had this blogger account created long ago. I did not create it specially to leave comment on your blog! (On the other hand, in order to email you, I would have to specially create an email account apart from my office email, and that is what I dont want to do).

(Stupid shit.)

An interactive blog is fun only when you receive contradictory opinions, opinions that stimulate you to think further. Think about it, who on earth in real life will tell you their opinion as per the previous paragraph? I mean, I wont do that in person to you! It's not polite. But well, when it is online, com'on, online sliming has been around since internet is around! So, the end result is: from real life, you will never know what other people's TRUE opinion, about what you did, how you behave etc. You will hear only nice things, never bad things that can make you think further: "hmmm... so now i know some people actually think that way about me. Hmm, maybe they are right partly..., so maybe I should change....". I am merely providing this alternative foc.

(More stupid shit.)

Let me first address this guy's assertion that no one says shit in real life that they would say online due to the fact that it's "not polite". This just shows you what kind of pustule on the bottom of humanity this guy is. I bet he looks like a weasel and has a small prick. I mean, come on, what kind of gutless creep only dares to talk shite online? I'll tell you what kind. This kind.

Jerk is sarcastic, mean, unforgiving and never misses an opportunity to make a cutting remark. Jerk's repulsive personality quickly alienates other Warriors, and after some initial skirmishing he is usually ostracized. Still, Jerk is very happy to participate in electronic forums because in cyberspace he is free to be himself...without the risk of getting a real-time punch in the mouth

If you talk shite to someone in her face, it's rude, but if you post it online when you go to her blog unsolicited, it's within the bounds of courtesy? Just because online sliming has been done by cowards hiding behind their fucking keyboards since these lower lifeforms figured out how to work a browser, it's ok? I'm glad that this fuckwad has found his niche, where he can finally feel that he belongs, but seriously, what a crock of fucking bullshit. In the first place, there is nothing I would say to someone online that I wouldn't say to them offline. Please, Mr. Singablogger, just because you're too dishonest and cowardly to tell your friends and acquaintances what you really think, don't presume that other people are the same. This may come as a surprise to you, but there are people who do actually say what they mean in real life, you know.

Secondly, this bugger says that he did not register a blogger account just to comment on BM's blog, but that he has had this account for a long time. Then I go over to his blog and find that the only post there is about this issue. So let me get this straight. This fucker created a blogger account ages ago, but has never posted anything on it until this recent fiasco? The coincidence staggers the mind, doesn't it? However, let's give him the benefit of the doubt and allow that he created the account long ago. Uh, what the fuck did he create the account for if he doesn't blog? Let me guess, to post comments sliming some other poor sod who does not allow anonymous comments?

"Oh, I didn't create this account just to post derogatory comments on your blog. I created this account ages ago to post derogatory comments on some other blog."

Wow, great defence there, Matlock.

Of course, I doubt anyone was actually dumb enough to believe that rat. I mean, seriously, why the fuck can't he use his office e-mail to send messages to BM? Just because he's a rat, doesn't mean that BM is one and would disclose his e-mail to the public. Besides, since he implied that he's been around on the internet for some time, why doesn't he have a webmail account? We can only speculate.

Lastly, he claims that he has some reason for not meeting BM that cannot be disclosed. Yeah, that sounds really plausible. I can think of any number of reasons why there are reasons for refusing to meet up with a chick that one would be forced to hide. Here are some of them.

  1. I am completely pussy-whipped and my girlfriend does not let me out of the house.
  2. I am 12 pretending to be 32 on the internet and my mum does not let me out of the house
  3. I am the Elephant Man and people run away screaming when I leave my house.
  4. I am an alien and meeting a chick would totally blow my cover and ruin our plans to take over the world.

Of course, the most plausible reason is still this.

I am a total wimp who is afraid that if I said in real life the things I said online to this chick, she will kill me with nipple torture.

Of course no "激将法" can get this bugger out, because he's nothing but a fucking internet punk puppy who wouldn't even have the balls to yap in front of his betters in real life. "激将法" only works on "将"s and not "狗"s. Enjoy despising what you see whenever you look into a mirror for the rest of your life, fuckwad.

Merv posted the following comment.

"Secondly, this bugger says that he did not register a blogger account just to comment on BM's blog, but that he has had this account for a long time"

Tell him don't talk cock.

Blogger's member id is in running order.

His id is

if you bother to see the previous id 14213701,and the one after, 14213703 you would have found out that the member before and after Singablog, registered in Oct 2005.

Very long hor..

Talk cock lah. Tell him.

He posted it on BM's blog too. SingaBlogger's credibility has been shot out of the fucking water. *sniggers*
Hey, I want to get a bit of nipple torture. By a girl, please. Not by some old woman or something.
Dude, if I had one, why would I not be getting some nipple torture right now instead of dicking around online?
er... say would you happen to b a 3sg from bmtc2 leopard company? your ang moh more power now...
I can't write the way you do but according to my Ah Beng instinct he is SUPER HUM JI!
Anon: Actually, my ang moh was more power before I entered army.

Ouch. Ah, Flame Warriors, a handy guide to online mailing lists and forums, now bloggers and their commentors too are beginning to fit the definitions.

And I think whoever that guy is, he's just content to sit in ront of the monitor and not have to face the consequences of sliming Blinkymummy. Pussy.
heh, everyone comes out of the army stupider.
"Secondly, this bugger says that he did not register a blogger account just to comment on BM's blog, but that he has had this account for a long time"

Tell him don't talk cock.

Blogger's member id is in running order.

His id is

if you bother to see the previous id 14213701,and the one after, 14213703 you would have found out that the member before and after Singablog, registered in Oct 2005.

Very long hor..

Talk cock lah. Tell him.
MERV! Why are you so cool! You kick ass! Totally!
That website is cool! I didn't know there were so many different types of online personas. Trying to find out which one I am, heh.
The guy who wrote that is a genius I swear.
Merv, I already replied to your wrong 自作聪明 deduction on bm's blog. will not repeat here.

小红脸, I wrote the following on BM's blog. Copied and pasted here for the pleasure of your readers. Dare you to keep this on your blog.

BM, if I were u, I will stay away from adrian that 小红脸。Still remember the pic that you put up once with that 小红脸 having a few cigarettes in his mouth. He, that type of people, you hang around more, cheapen yourself and make your image bad only. That 小红脸 is more like 癞蛤蟆想吃天鹅肉 (in the friendship context: He may want to be your friend, but you two are from different "caste"). 穿起龙袍不象太子.没用的.Btw, when I first read about u (bm) partying with 小红脸 and his gang, the first thought I have is: 鹤立鸡群!What a waste that a girl like u dun mix around with other 鹤, and want to mix around with the 鸡群. That's really 自甘堕落.(Again, that's a COMMON opinion you will never hear from me or from others in real life. So, I think it's good to have pple like me on your blog. I am giving you the TRUE feedback that you are not getting from real life friends).

CORRECT CROWD = your nus friends, Sky (moby), dr. 2nd L, rafflesian "good friend"
WRONG CROWD = 小红脸, and probably most of those who were there to celebrate some fellow going overseas for pilot training.

That's reality of life, people! Singapore is a society with Caste system, like India. Everybody flame me lor. I am such an elitist person. Hahaha. (But I am in the majority. Even primary school, parents fight to get their children into "good school". Remember?)

近朱者赤,近墨者黑!(You mix with the wrong smoking and drinking and pubbing crowd, you end up becoming one, with asshole bf and friends all from that circle, ending up with suicide and physical abuse. Now you mix more with that rafflesian good boy, i think your life is going to become better. Hahaha... I am so judgemental and so concious of "Class"!)
zhe bin:
I thought Ah Beng instinct would've compelled you to round up all
available ah bengs to go kick his mother/father/sister/brother/uncle/aunty/grandparents etc
and his ass.

Wah lau eh.
Disillusioned already lah.
I love the artwork; did you draw it?
Sid: Why would we kick his ass? This guy is hilarious!

Vanessa: Nope.
maybe singa-kuppoh du lan y he "elite" but yet BM dumped him and would rather hang out with guys who smoke and frequent pubs..
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