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Friday, November 11, 2005
Let's all point and laugh VERY LOUDLY

Remember my post yesterday? Well, this amazing reply came back at me today.

Merv, I already replied to your wrong 自作聪明 deduction on bm's blog. will not repeat here.

小红脸, I wrote the following on BM's blog. Copied and pasted here for the pleasure of your readers. Dare you to keep this on your blog.

BM, if I were u, I will stay away from adrian that 小红脸。Still remember the pic that you put up once with that 小红脸 having a few cigarettes in his mouth. He, that type of people, you hang around more, cheapen yourself and make your image bad only. That 小红脸 is more like 癞蛤蟆想吃天鹅肉 (in the friendship context: He may want to be your friend, but you two are from different "caste"). 穿起龙袍不象太子.没用的.Btw, when I first read about u (bm) partying with 小红脸 and his gang, the first thought I have is: 鹤立鸡群!What a waste that a girl like u dun mix around with other 鹤, and want to mix around with the 鸡群. That's really 自甘堕落.(Again, that's a COMMON opinion you will never hear from me or from others in real life. So, I think it's good to have pple like me on your blog. I am giving you the TRUE feedback that you are not getting from real life friends).

CORRECT CROWD = your nus friends, Sky (moby), dr. 2nd L, rafflesian "good friend"
WRONG CROWD = 小红脸, and probably most of those who were there to celebrate some fellow going overseas for pilot training.

That's reality of life, people! Singapore is a society with Caste system, like India. Everybody flame me lor. I am such an elitist person. Hahaha. (But I am in the majority. Even primary school, parents fight to get their children into "good school". Remember?)

近朱者赤,近墨者黑!(You mix with the wrong smoking and drinking and pubbing crowd, you end up becoming one, with asshole bf and friends all from that circle, ending up with suicide and physical abuse. Now you mix more with that rafflesian good boy, i think your life is going to become better. Hahaha... I am so judgemental and so concious of "Class"!)

Seriously, is this guy for real? I mean, "小红脸"? What the fuck? This bugger makes me feel young again. About 6 years old, in fact. Reading his childish insults makes me feel as if I have been magically transported back in time to my primary school days. Do I dare leave your comment on my blog? Why not? In fact, not only do I dare, I have, as you can see, pasted it in an entirely new post! Now you have even more to jack off about in your room! Being severely delusional, you won't even realise that everyone who reads this will be laughing at you! Ah, if ignorance is bliss, you must be the happiest guy in the world.

On the other hand, does that asswipe dare say all that crap to my face? Of course not. He will continue to cringe like a dog behind his keyboard yapping at his mental superiors, thereby proving me right about the kind of coward he is on all counts. Congratulations, moron, you've refuted nothing.

And as for his comment that BM 自甘堕落 by mixing with me and my 鸡群 friends, hey, guilty as charged! Anyone here ever watched 15? Remember this line? "公鸡就是公鸡, stop trying to be a peacock!" Even if my friends and I are indeed 鸡群, guess what, we're FIGHTER COCKS! That's way better than being a yellow-bellied chihuahua barking pathetically at fighting cocks it hides from. Beware this 公鸡 and his friends, bitch. Cross us and we fucking peck your beady little eyes out! I am 公鸡, hear me roar! WOOHOO!

By the way, these "elite" people you mentioned (BM, Moby, the Rafflesian "good friend") think that me and my friends are really cool and would rather hang out with us than with you. Sucks to be you, huh?

Don't worry, though. We'll throw you the scraps from our feast of life in the form of our blogs so you can gnaw on them, you poor little doggy. Maybe if you're good, we'll even let you dig around in our shit. Now, go sniff some fellow dog's ass, there's a good little bitch.

Who's a good doggy, then? You are! You're such a cute little doggy, aren't you? Oh, yes, you are!

On a more or less unrelated note, Singapore is not a good place to tell lies in, especially now that blogs are becoming popular, because it's so small that everybody knows everybody else. Agagooga can tell you about it better than I can, though. Lest you all get the wrong idea, no, I do not have anything against cosmetic surgery, nor do I have anything against Clapbangkiss other than a sort of generalised dislike towards all members of humanity. I do not even think that it's wrong to lie about having gone for cosmetic surgery, because hey, if it helps her get ahead in life, why not?

I'm basically propagating this because come on, if you must lie, do it with some intelligence. I mean, it was rather widely known that she had been, shall we say, extensively modified, way before she got talent-scouted. Let's face it, she's quite the socialite, and though I do not know her personally, I do know at least one person who is acquainted with her. Besides, just look at the number of pictures of herself she's left floating around on the Wild Wild Web that Gabriel managed to dig up.

Besides, I thought her blog was boring when someone first pointed me to it. Because of Gabriel's post, I went over to look at it again yesterday. Yep, it's still boring.

Having said that, I shall now shed some crocodile tears and say that I hope she doesn't lose her contract and in fact heartily wish her well on her career. It's not wrong to have gone for cosmetic surgery, you know. In fact, if it adds to the beauty in the world, I think it's a good thing. God knows there's way too much ugliness in the world. Personally, of course, I detest her Fiona Xie-ish look, but hey whatever floats whomever's boat.
Seriously, I don't know why he even bothered to type you something as long. It sounded it's some big deal to him. I mean, he's deprived or what?

But I must say 小红脸 is fucking funny! At least we tasted alcohol; I bet he drank milk his whole life.
Translation: "Why BM don't want to go out with meeeeee?! Oh noes, I must now say something about how shitty the people who she goes out with are! Boy, these grapes sure are sour."

Looks like we got a first-class whiner on our hands, someone call the WAAAAAmbulance, stat!
*points at moron and laughs very loudly*

Seriously, Adrian, why'd you keep attracting all the people with no brains to your blog? I'd have thought that after being unable to read past your first sentence they have coughed blood and died on the spot.
Generalised dislike of humanity? Your post reminds me of my general hatred of humanity. I shall start a rant here.

Start rants

Stupid fucking people, all of them. Everyone just wants the best for themselves and steps over everyone else to get it. No one is willing to sacrifice anything for anyone else.

And what do they do? They judge people. Every minute, every second. Look at the recent hot topic. What's it about? Some girl who has gone for plastic surgery. Who cares if she has? Why bother if she lies about it? Are you are father or mother, you who accuse her of lying? Should it be your business at all? Are you even fit to throw the first stone? Or should I start stoning you instead?

What else? The fact that people are sheep? Or the fact that the moment that there's trouble, so called friends start running away? Fuck man, the best thing that can happen to the Earth if we all are shipped off to another place, leaving the animals to themselves. Or ship me off. I'm tired and sick of humans in general.

End rants.
Indeed. Everything must be done with a healthy measure of intelligence, be it dissing, lying, or anything else.
Which is why I scorn most people on this island.
I'm afraid I'm doomed to a lifetime of perpetual annoyance.
SB: exactly. I've posted a comment on agagooga's blod, directed at the mindless hordes. It's the 104th comment, or something.
Oh my goodness this is getting more and more hilarious.
We're all sheep.

"公鸡就是公鸡, stop trying to be a peacock!"

HAHAHA! dude, u're a fan of 15 too?! awesome!!

in light of that idiot's kind of baseless tirade, no need to say so much one, just respond in the spirit of 15 and tell him
"你妈妈是Geylang 的鸡
你爸爸是Changi 的鸭
i LOVE the short film 15 i am a big big FAN!
...been trying to watch the whole version ever since. it is absolutely hilarious and at the same time revealing about another side of these ah bengs everyone seem to think badly of. wonderful show!! royston tan is quite a guy.

the 你弟弟出去给榴莲打死! just left me bawling in laughter. i kept replaying that. =D
hell yeah. but its damn fucking irritating that i cant find the full length version of 15, and have only seen the short.

i honestly don't think this guy's for real la. how the fuck can such people exist? i don't remember being allowed internet usage in kindergarten. no, seriously - this can't be for real man.
i watched the full-length in cinema back in 2003 i think. it's abit sian 1/2 cos' they censored all the gang poems. the full-length was really good, with that infamous condom (filled with drugs) swallowing scene. the 2nd half of the movie focused more on the story of that Shaun character and some new character who's trying to kill himself and the vynn soh and the glasses guy was helping him source for a place to committ suicide. but the ending damn random also, it's the same MRT ending as the short version.

i was told by my frens that they rent it in australia but i haven't seen it for myself. maybe they sell it online or something. i've been trying to get the dvd myself.
Zhe Bin: I think he must have been drinking diesel or something. That's why his brain is fucked.

Dr. Fletcher: Haha, yeah. I was thinking of offering him some cheese with his whine.

Sheena: Well, who can ever probe the inner workings of such a moronic mind?

sb: Do something about it. Even if it is planning a bloodbath, or crushing the world under your iron heel.

Daniel: Practise Zen.

Ivan: You don't say.

Jiameei: I have no idea what you're talking about, but since you're a cute chick, fucks yeah!

virgin undergrad: Heheh, I'd rather beat him on his own ground.

wongcheok: I've had my doubts about this type of people as well, but no one can act consistently for so long, man. I've come to the conclusion that there are genuinely abysmally stupid people in the world.
hahaha..*applause* well done
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