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Tuesday, December 06, 2005
Google Talk!

So I was randomly surfing around on the net just now, and the kitten suddenly told me she's started using Google Talk, Google's IM chat client. I've had it for months and months, of course, because I am an alpha geek. Besides, I use GAIM which supports the Jabber protocol, upon which Google Talk is based. Basically, I am perpetually online in MSN, Yahoo!, ICQ and Google Talk. Of course, before the kitten joined me, I had only one contact in Google Talk.

So you see, I was quite excited about the kitten starting to use Google Talk. Besides, let's face it, I am quite fond of that fat, furry fucker. We had the following first conversation on Google Talk after she finally figured out how to add me to her contact list.

Fat, Furry Fucker: testing
Don AQ: i guess the request takes a while to get through
Don AQ: hahaha
Fat, Furry Fucker: haha
Fat, Furry Fucker: oops
Don AQ: cool!
Fat, Furry Fucker: whee
Don AQ: we use googletalk!
Don AQ: we're alpha geeks!
Fat, Furry Fucker: you don't have a phone icon though
Fat, Furry Fucker: means i can't call you
Don AQ: yeah
Don AQ: gaim doesn't have that
Fat, Furry Fucker: i have to add you manually
Fat, Furry Fucker: first time i added you i used "from contacts"
Don AQ: oh ok
Fat, Furry Fucker: yeah i have to type in your email add then it added
Don AQ: heheheh
Fat, Furry Fucker: i guess it only works for googletalk users.
Fat, Furry Fucker: but hey this is cool
Don AQ: i have you and one other person on my list
Don AQ: lol
Fat, Furry Fucker: yeah me too! lol
Don AQ: hahaha
Don AQ: we're so cool in an alternate universe ruled by geeks
Fat, Furry Fucker: we need to exert peer influence to get more people on googletalk. msn is way too sucky for my liking nowadays
Don AQ: yes

As you can see, only Really Cool People use Google Talk.

After that, I managed to convince the Feisty Bitch to give it a spin too. So if you're sick to death of the resource hog that is MSN, use Google Talk. If you hate those fucking idiots who try to drown you in excessive emoticons from hell in MSN, use Google Talk. If you detest fucking retards who replace words with emoticons, use Google Talk.

Well, actually, you can just use a client like GAIM which doesn't let you see custom emoticons, but hey, don't you want to be Really Cool People? Get back to basics! Use Google Talk!
while you are at it, download the festoon plugin for google talk which lets you use video =)

anyway, i'm into skype 2.0 these days because it allows video *despite* the office firewall heh.
i must say it certainly looks fucking tempting. especially with regards to the emoticons part.
I've been using it for a few months already. Glad you've caught up with me and become cool too! =D

Add me, you know my gmail add!
injenue: Dude, I use GAIM, not the Google Talk client.

wongcheok: You bet your ass it is.

sheena: Sure, I'll get round to it one of these days.
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