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Tuesday, December 27, 2005
Heights of geekdom

The Feisty Bitch and I were talking on IM about boredom, and I was saying that I can't imagine what people who lived before the computer age did when they were bored. Then, I realised that, holy shit, I did not always have computers. She then said that our generation was pretty lucky because we know what both lifestyles were like and we had so-called "normal" childhoods.

Aside: If I say "so-called" and then I put quotation marks on the word "normal", does it negate both the using of "so-called" and the quotation marks on the word "normal"?

Anyway, I was thinking that it's not really healthy for a developing child to devote all of his or her free time to computers, be it gaming or surfing or chatting or whatnot. So, although I do not plan to have children, I told her that if I ever had kids, I'd make sure that they do not have access to computers until perhaps a year before they started schooling. I think kids should be kids. They should run around, jump over drains, beat up your kids (well, of course my kids are going to beat up other kids, just like their old man did), shoot marbles, etc.

I know some of you out there are already thinking that you would want your kids to have a headstart on computers in this digital age. Well, I think you're idiots, because come on, computer basics are fucking easy to pick up, given the wimpily intuitive operating systems and other programs we use these days. I actually didn't start using computers until I was well into my teens, and I do not seem to have suffered any lasting damage. So, if you're going to have kids, let them be healthy ones instead of the sickly little wuss models we see these days.

However, I digress. The Feisty Bitch then remarked that if I had kids, they'd damned well better know their C from their C++. I was tickled by that, and I was like, fuck yeah. I'd beat that knowledge into them, if necessary. I could already picture myself doing it.

"What's the difference between Java references and C pointers?!"

She observed that sometimes, a little well-timed domestic extreme violence is critical in making kids understand their errors. I, still caught up in the vision of my future self hammering geekiness into my hypothetical children, agreed that kids should be whacked into understanding their compile errors.

For some reason, I thought this was funny enough to share with the rest of the world, although some of the chumps who read this blog are probably scratching their heads and going "WTF" right about now.

Run along.
awwww sooo sweet... talking about kids and stuff :p
Well, we were actually talking about computers and beating kids, but hey, whatever turns you on, bro.
At least keeping kids off the computer until they're older will stop all those kids from flaming and trolling everyone and reduce the number of irritating fucktards wH0 tYpE l|kE d|s...

But then again, lots of older people do that too... *facepalms*
I suppose beating up other people's kids is a better alternative to spending 90+ hours playing and replaying FF9. (This is how I spent an entire summer, and yes I know it only takes 50 hours to beat it. Shut up.)

P.S. So-called is a synonym for quotation marks. Use of the word doesn't negate the quotation marks, it merely renders them redundant. grammar n00b.
Screwy Skeptic: Well, I was sort of thinking along the lines of double negatives cancelling each other out. Like "I can't not eat ice-cream" = "I must eat ice-cream". Don't quotation marks and "so-called" both indicate that you don't really mean the word they're referring to? In which case, using them both together would make it a double negative, wouldn't it? Maybe this is just like "irregardless" being generally taken to mean "regardless" these days. Double negatives have become negative. No wonder linguists and mathematicians design such different programming languages. (Perl vs. Python)
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