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Wednesday, January 11, 2006
A good man

I am an almost militantly cynical person. Not only that, I am also almost universally malicious. I dislike most of the people I meet, and suspect their motives even when they're nice to me. More often than not, my suspicions are not totally unfounded. Occasionally, however, I encounter people with really good hearts, such as our dear moby beng.

No, don't click on that link. That's just there for reference. Instead, click on this one. It's a charming little tale of his relationship with a praying mantis that flew in on him one day, told from the perspective of the mantis. He took the mantis in and fed it crickets until, for reasons best left undisclosed lest I spoil the story for you, he had to let it go.

If anyone asked you what Don A.Q.'s views are on insects, the smarter chaps amongst you would probably have guessed that I think insects exist to be stepped on. And you would be right, too. So, although I could never hope to understand the noble sentiments that inspired moby's actions, much less imitate them, I do still appreciate and admire him for these actions. You, sir, are a good man, moby.

p.s. Tough luck for the crickets, though. Then again, crickets exist to be stepped on.
Do people exist to be stepped on as well?
Oh, some.
crickets were meant to be beheaded by praying mantises lah...and like you said...to be stepped on. hahaha. =)
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