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Saturday, January 14, 2006
My views about the recent flame war

One of my online acquaintances IMed me yesterday. Here's what he asked me.

Her: Hey, your good friend is beefing with three other chicks, one of whom also happens to be your friend.
Me: Yeah. So?
Her: Aren't you going to do anything about it?
Me: I am.
Her: What are you doing about it?
Me: Ignoring it. I'm ignoring the whole chaotic fracas as hard as I can.

See, originally, I was just going to lie in bed and pull my blanket over my head until the whole thing blows over. Then, I saw Dr. Fletcher's amazing post regarding this.

Why do I say that it's amazing? Well, again, it's because we're so amazingly similar that I had to do a double take at the URL to be sure that I did not write that. This isn't just my opinion, either. People have been telling me that the resemblance is uncanny ever since I linked him. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if he's actually me, posting from the future or an alternate dimension just to fuck with me. Yeah, that sounds like the sort of thing I would do.

Now, what I found really amazing about his post was his pussy cat.

You see, I have a bear who's been with me well over ten years and whom I'm really attached to. Like Dr. Fletcher's cat, my bear has a name too, and he's also really worn. Also like Lion, Grunty wears clothes that he didn't come in. Unlike Lion, Grunty is not machine-washable and has therefore never been washed. This results in him stinking a little to the only other person who doesn't live in my home but who has seen him, namely, the Feisty Bitch, but I don't care, because he will always smell nice to me. Here's a picture of Grunty with his son Runty, taken some time ago by the Feisty Bitch.

Notice how Lion and Grunty both have their left paws drooping? You know, another thing is that . . .

Err, who the hell put that picture of a stuffed bear on my blog? What was I saying? You know, on second thought, maybe Dr. Fletcher isn't really that similar to me after all.
Hey, let's start flaming one another and make people think that we're both asses. Wouldn't that be fun?
Yay! I'm awesome!

I mean, nice post! Erm... yeah.
Some things are acquired tastes. Or smells.
The kitty fights was even criticised and condamned in xanga blog by people that are so unqualify to blog. What a disgrace ... www.xanga.com/darylcheong
I think you both should meet up sometime.
anonymous 4:10,
perhaps you could fill us in on the qualifications needed to blog.
Nah...just go away. Really.

on a more serious note, your bear and Fletcher's dog-bear-pig thingy could take a nice family picture together! Lol....
is the little bear the great eastern insurance carrie sharie bear??
sb: dude, people already think you're an ass. >:)

dr. fletcher: fucks yeah!

Feisty Bitch: yeah, you would know. ;)

anonymous: are you sure you're qualified to comment?

zhe bin: yeah, man. totally.

daniel: my bear is in, like, the ICU of stuffed bears. it's not going anywhere.

ooof: it totally is.
A man who seeks public funding for beer has automatically earned my respect.
Well, not to be blasphemous, but I believe that beer is God's gift to mankind. As such, we should all drink more of it to show our appreciation for God's love. It's all very spiritual, really.
the reason why women get upset at hate sites is because the void between their legs extends to the depths of their soul. the reason i'm saying this on your site is because i can deny it afterwards. the reason why i'm stupid is because i'm logged in and can't really deny anything, obviously. the reason why i don't care is because i never mean anything i say. the reason why i don't care what these women are fighting about is because women make me tired. the reason why i'm writing like this is because i no longer have any idea what i'm talking about. that is all.
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