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Thursday, April 06, 2006
Good news!

Our vaunted educational system can be hacked! People who do shit and know nuts can, in fact, get better grades than those who know their stuff! How cool is that?

Ok, not to sound like an emo teenager or anything like that, but I am severely pissed off. Remember this post of mine a while back? Well, I have just relived a similar episode. In one of the two major institutions of tertiary education in our fine country, no less. See, we were supposed to do an assignment. I did mine faithfully. In fact, I even burned the midnight oil to do it. A friend of mine copied it because she could not be arsed to do it. She got A- and I got B-.

For real.

I have yet to hear from the other guy who copied from me, but I wouldn't be surprised if he also got a better grade. Come to think of it, this isn't the first time, and it's definitely not the worst. The worst was when, a couple of years back, we had a programming lab assignment and a few friends of mine couldn't be arsed to do theirs, so they copied my program. Guess what, I flunked the exams because I couldn't be arsed to study for it, while they all passed. Till now, some of them still can't program for nuts.

I guess it all comes down to presentation. Since it was a written assignment and I have atrocious handwriting, I got a lower grade? Remember, children. You may not be the sharpest knife in the fucking drawer, but by all the gods, you'd better be the most well-polished one.

What the fuck can a man do in a situation like this? I could, of course, ask the professor what in the world of flying fucks happened, but this would obviously invite awkward questions of just who copied my shit. There's nothing I despise more than a snitch, so forget that. No matter how foolish this may seem to the world at large, I'd rather be a loyal fool than a disloyal wise man.

Ah well, let's just say that it remains to be seen who will have the last laugh, you pathetic motherfuckers.
I feel you man...I feel you.
It's sexual discrimination!

I wonder whose the marker though...
Shit happens, man.
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