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Sunday, April 02, 2006
Kicking ass kicks ass

Had a LAN party last night with my mates.

8 former friends, divided by their respective allegiances to the Frozen Throne and to the World Tree, became the most bitter of foes and engaged in a war for supremacy. Mighty were the heroes used as their avatars in the Warcraft universe, and mightier still were the spirits who controlled them. Strategies were formulated and desperate tactics were hatched to turn the courses of the furious battles that ensued.

Ice and fire warred over the heads of our loyal minions, as we wove powerful spells to master our adversaries. 8 champions stood against each other in the Middle River, and only 4 emerged victorious. The valiant two who wove spells of invisibility and walked into the midst of the enemy throngs to cause mayhem and destruction with venom and lunar fury. The evil lich king who stood afar and decimated the enemy ranks with spells that froze and slowed. The mighty bear whose claws could rend and tear flesh and stone alike.

But their enemies were just as mighty. The burrower who emerged in the midst of our ranks and shook the ground with his fury. The cold maiden whom no spell may harm that teleported beside her foes and rained ice upon them. The witch whose fingers were death, and the sorceress whose blade tore into the hearts of her enemies.

The righteous prevailed this time, but would they prevail again when the next moon arrives? Only time will tell . . .

To summarise, we had four games, and the team I was in kicked ass in all four of them. The heroes I just described were the heroes we used in the last game. Ah well, fun's over. Back to the books.

Veno and Luna with lothar, CM with blink blade and bkb. SK... The Singapore bird sings cheep cheep!
Heheh, you're good!
Bear? How does someone use Ursa Warrior anyway? I've always thought he was crappy. Because I am a noob.
Dr. Fletcher mentioned what I was going to say already, but lemme fill in the rest...

Lion, Lina Inverse, Ursa Warrior...

And oh, very, very nice way to describe a game of DotA. I'm so sending this to my DotA kakis to read.
Just to clarify, it was the other bear. The sillybear. Heh.
Haha... U power! The final struggle was memorable. Snatched victory from the jaws of defeat tt kind. Heh!
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