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Sunday, August 29, 2004
God loves me because He thinks I'm incredibly fucking funny

Someone recently sent me this mail.

Hi Adrian!

I am ###### from the [school publication]. I am writing a light-hearted article featuing [school] students' names. One interesting bit of information I found was that there are at least 50 people named Adrian in [school]. Hence, I would like to ask you a few very simple questions and I hope you can help me by sending your answers back to me as soon as possible. Thanks!

1. As Adrian is a rather common name, what are some interesting encounters or problems you face with having such a name? (for eg. in school, outside, etc.)
2. Have you met anyone who has the same name as you?
3. What are the interesting things that happened when you met someone who has the same name as you?
4. How do you differentiate yourselves?
5. Who gave you this name?
6. Do you like your name?
7. Would you ever consider changing your name? (If so, to what?)

That's all, please help!!! :D
And don't worry about being misquoted because I will clarify the quotes with you before I send the article for publishing. (Please leave me your handphone number for that reason) Remember, this article is meant to sound light-hearted, so I hope you don't take offence ;) Thank you for your time!

To which I replied:
1. Well, you remember how the bananas in pajamas used to say this to each other?

B2: Are you thinking what I'm thinking, B1?
B1: I think I am, B2.
Together: It's [insert verb] time!

I had a friend named Adrian [last name beginning with "T"] in secondary school, and one of our standard gags was this.
Me: Are you thinking what I'm thinking, A.T.?
Him: I think I am, A.Q.

You get the idea. Yes, I do realise that it's a wee bit lame, but bear in mind I was 15.

2. Tons.

3. I always claim the Adrian tag first. The other dude gets to be his Chinese name or Adrian II, or That Other Guy.

4. I'm the goodlooking (and smart) one. If the other guy happens to be more goodlooking than me, I kill him.

5. I gave myself this name when I was born. I was precocious. (Well, actually my mum did).

6. Yes, because if you take Adrian to be the derivative of Hadrian, it means "dark one", which kinda rocks.

7. Yes, I have considered taking the honorific "The Mighty", making me "The Mighty Adrian", but my friends told me it's too ostentatious. What do they know, eh?

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed are not those of the author. They belong to his ego.

Jeez, I crack myself up.
*laughs* never fail to make a joke outta everything aye, sweetie?
w0rMlEt here.. hee

lol! light-hearted article.. he shld really publish what you reply then.. =/
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