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Monday, February 21, 2005
It's Not Even Inflation . . .

A Christian friend of mine recently told me she wishes that we could nuke all the Muslims so there would be world peace or something. Being me, I naturally replied that if it came to that, I hope the Christians and Jews went with them.

I think she may have been just kidding, though.

Cigarette prices have risen again. I may actually be forced to smoke less. Which is a good thing. Isn't it? No, it fucking isn't. If I ever quit smoking, it should be of my own free will, not because I was forced to do so. The cigarette prices in Singapore are fucking ridiculous. No wonder people are flocking over the causeway to get cigarettes. No wonder the rest of the world is laughing at us for banning chewing gum.

This is getting too draconian for me. Rather than letting foreign talent take my place here, I think I'm going to go to some other country and be the foreign talent. Yes, much as I love the rest of Singapore, I'm afraid I cannot abide a place where the fags are so ridiculously expensive. Also, the weather fucking sucks. Also, if I ever have children and they happen to be male, I don't want them to get chewed up by that monstrously inefficient and poorly run organisation they'd be obliged to temporarily serve with. I'm going to miss Singaporean chicks though. Just when they're starting to grow brains, too. Then again, the smart ones are probably already making tracks elsewhere. Anyway, I'm definitely getting sick of all this coddling.

I should probably go take over Canada, since my least insignificant rival is currently residing there. Hey, Pieter! If you're reading this, are cigarettes expensive there? 20 sticks cost at least CAD$7.20 in Singapore.
Yeah, as if we don't have enough problems not being allowed to smoke in bloody NUS though we're all above 21, now we have to contend with ever-rising cig prices! Arseholes, every last one of these morons in our government!

GST, up. Cig prices, up. ERP, up. Number of Singaporeans 'deserting', up.
well, at least ntu allows us to smoke, heheh.
...I thought you were in NUS. But never mind. *waves hand condescendingly*

But NTU allows you guys to smoke?! Bugger! What the fuck is wrong with NUS?
and there is free parking in NTU too.
Thanks for rubbing it in, Injenue. Yes, yes, I know NUS, despite supposedly being a "posh, world-class, ranked 18th in the world and ranked 10th for arts and social sciences university" is really nothing more than faeces. Ask anyone who attends NUS.

besides, I thought we had decided that I will rule the western hemisphere with an iron fist and you would rule asia. so stay there bitch.
Sigh~ Poor Adrian ... F.Y.I fags price over here in Thailand is less than 3 SGD for 20 sticks . Lucky me to leave early ... come join me in BKK ... hahahaha
P/S : Chicks is hot !!!
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