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Saturday, April 08, 2006
The legendary Bruce Lee

Ok, check this one out. Bruce Lee is fast. Notice the guy's natural dodging reaction? If Bruce was really trying to punch him, that guy would have gotten hit before he could duck.

He was the one and only. Jackie Chan and Jet Li don't come close.

this guy is the god lah.
I agree. I've been a huge fan since I was in primary school.
Call the press, we just found God!
oh he was great at marketing himself.

he wouldn't last 3 minutes in a MMA competition.
It's amusing how the ignorant often shoot their mouths off without thinking. In 2004, UFC president Dana White credited Bruce Lee as the "father of mixed martial arts". He invented MMA, and, weight for weight, there is no doubt he could have held his own against any fighter.
Didn't win a lot of competitions did he? He certainly entered them, he just never won them.

Except for a dancing one, which just further illustrates my point.
Oh, it's you again. Exactly which martial arts competitions did he enter? I haven't heard of him joining any martial arts tournaments. Furthermore, considering the fact that he didn't believe in styles and that MMA competitions did not exist then, what competition would he have entered?

What is undisputed fact is that he was sent to the USA because he frequently got into street fights in Hong Kong. Street fighting was the closest thing they had to MMA competitions in those days, and by all accounts, Bruce frequently kicked ass in them. Where did you get that amazingly precise statistic of < 3 minutes, by the way?
Following up on Adrian's post...

MMA on TV, especially UFC, is overrated. They have gloves and rules. This would have limited Bruce Lee's favourite techniques of eye-jabbing, biting and groin crushing, which was what he liked to use in streetfights in Hong Kong. Also Bruce Lee liked to be small but muscular, and he went for maximum speed to take down an opponent.

MMA is mostly take-downs these days, and the reason they seem to work so well is because you're not allowed to bite hands, pinch skin or gouge out your opponent's eyes to get him off.

Sure, Bruce Lee may not last in a UFC fight with rules, but in a street brawl I'd bet he'd win against most UFC fighters.
Actually Keanu Reeves could easily beat Bruce Lee. "I know kung fu". Keanu Reeves is the greatest martial artist ever, he beat robots man!

Of course, I can't possibly prove it, since neither have ever entered a competition of any notoriety. But we'll just assume that some supposed unprovable street cred and a few movies with stuntmen make you the greatest martial artist ever.

(gullible dumbasses)
Firstly, let us not forget that you made a false claim. You do tend to gloss over your own mistakes, don't you?

"Didn't win a lot of competitions did he? He certainly entered them, he just never won them."

You have since agreed that he has never "entered a competition of any notoriety". Obviously, you didn't check your facts before posting, yet we're the dumbasses?

Secondly, what wins fights? There are the obvious tangible attributes, i.e. strength, speed and technique. Then there's the intangible attribute, i.e. heart, or attitude, if you will. Meanness, aggression, determination, courage, the will to hurt an opponent. So let us review what we know.

Of strength and speed.

Chuck Norris said: "Lee, pound for pound, might well have been one of the strongest men in the world, and certainly one of the quickest."

Joe Lewis: "Bruce was incredibly strong for his size. He could take a 75lb barbell and from a standing position with the barbell held flush against his chest, he could slowly stick his arms out, lock them and hold the barbell there for 20 seconds, that's pretty damn tough for a guy who at the time only weighed 138lbs. I know 200lb weight lifters who can't do that."

Joe Lewis: "I never stood in front of another human who was as quick as him."

Of technique.

Jim Kelly: "Bruce, well I can basically say this. I have been around a lot of great martial arts fighters. Worked out with them. Fought them in tournaments. In my opinion Bruce Lee was the greatest martial artist who ever lived. To me thats my opionion. I think Bruce Lee is the greatest martial artist ever. I don't think anybody is in his class."

Joe Lewis: "If Bruce Lee wasn´t the greatest martial artist of all time, then certainly he is the number one candidate."

Of attitude.

Joe Lewis: "He not only had the quickness but he had the inner confidence to muster the conviction to do so. I've seen others who had the speed but lack conviction or vice versa. He was like Ali, he had both. I stood before both of these men, so I know."

Attitude in combat is hard to test except in combat. Some people kick ass in sparring but seize up in real combat. The only way to see if a person has heart is to see if he wins real fights. Bruce certainly did. As for the "unprovable street cred", it is rather well-known that he got into trouble with the police on a regular basis for fighting in Hong Kong, which was why he was sent to the USA. As you would no doubt know if you'd bothered to look up facts concerning his life instead of rattling off here with an empty head.

Since he possessed all of these attributes, as I said, weight for weight, there is no doubt he could have held his own against any fighter.

Lastly, all of this isn't even relevant because I never said that Bruce Lee was the Ultimate #1 Fighter in the Universe. At first, I merely said he was fast. Then, after your idiotic first comment, I said that he could probably have held his own against any fighter in his weight category. But the point is that Bruce Lee was never really about the fighting. He had a higher purpose, which was to further the development and philosophy of the martial arts and to fully realize the individual's physical potential. The fact that he had phenomenal speed, which was the point of this post, was simply evidence of his level of accomplishment in his physical development. Certainly he had the attributes and intelligence that would have made him a great fighter, but he chose a higher path and eschewed tournaments and the like. Can you name the first world karate/UFC/what-have-you tournament champion? Can you name the last? What about all those in between? Don't bother. Yet we all remember Bruce Lee. Why? Just because of slick marketing? Bullshit. The three top American fighters of the time, Mike Stone, Joe Lewis and Chuck Norris, were all students of Bruce Lee. In addition, many serious martial artists who were his contemporaries, including Joe Lewis, acknowledge him as the greatest martial artist of his time. Even today, many famous bodybuilders claim Bruce as their inspiration. And as I have said, the president of the UFC credited him as the father of MMA.

Were they simply taken in by marketing? How many tournaments have you won? What do you know that they don't? How much proof do you need? Bruce Lee was quite indubitably the greatest martial artist the world has ever known, and his name and legacy will live on long after you are dust, no one remembers your name and even your social records have been deleted from all the world's databases, you insignificant maggot.

Oh, and by the way, comparing him to Keanu Reeves is, to put it mildly, a ridiculously pathetic jab. Firstly, Keanu isn't a martial artist, and secondly, he isn't even a good actor.

(ignorant dumbass)
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